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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paint Workshop

While my workshop in Hobart is fully booked or as we say chokkers, Melbourne is not quite so full. So anyone wishing to play with Natural Paint with me on Friday the 13th!!! should head over to Open Drawer and have a look.

They will also be
" having Open Days on Friday May 6th from 2-8pm and Saturday May 7th 10am-4pm to give you the opportunity to come and meet our Tutors. You will be able to see demonstrations of the techniques used in the workshops we offer, do hands-on activities and generally join in the fun that is Opendrawer"
While I won't be there I will be represented by examples of my work.

And wait there's more, after class has finished I will be starting a Stitching Circle along the lines of the idea that the ever amazing India Flint thought up that you will find on her other blog here.
So come along to Open Drawer (link above) between 4 and 8 pm (no excuses workers of the world!!) and for a nominal fee of $5 you can sit and chat and stitch with me. Don't forget to bring your found cloth, needles and threads.

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Velma Bolyard said...

busy gurrl! when i read the place names of where you're heading, i just sigh. will i actually see some of them in 2012? will i see your work and have a chat or three? grinning at the thought!