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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Playing with Xanth

I had an idea while gessoing paint rags
So did a little experiment
with combining Xanthorrhoea resin
and gesso*

in all the combos each was applied to 
only approx half way

1 is Xanth first allowed to dry then 
gesso applied 

2 is Gesso applied and while still wet
dipped into Xanth

3 is Xanth applied and then painted with gesso 
while still wet

4 is gesso applied left to dry and then 
dipped into Xanth

5 is gessoed on both sides, left to dry and 
then dipped into Xanth

I had such fun doing this 
I am going to make the samples 
into a little book
with notes
and then I think I might make some for sale

x te

* by gesso I mean traditional 
gesso made with whiting and 
rabbitskin glue
applied while warm

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Books I read in May

Disclaimer: Some of the links go to the Book Depository with whom I have an Affiliated Link  and so get 10% of the price you pay if you purchase through that link. Where the book is currently no longer  available there the links go to which is a favourite site that will show you where books are available and at what price. I do not get anything from here.
BD = Book Depository

K = Kindle

The Invention of Wings: Sue Monk Kidd K BD
The French House: Nick Alexander K BD
Appleby Farm, (Books  1-4): Cathy Bramley K BD
Cherry Pie Island, (Books 1-2): Jenny Oliver K 
Touchstone (Glass Thorns): Melanie Rawn K BD
Dragon Blood Collection (Books 1-3): Lindsay Buroker K
Emperor’s Edge (Books 1-3) K
Non Fiction
Australian Country Coastal Homes: Booktopia
Drawing and painting Beautiful Faces: Jane Davenport BD
Yarn From Wild Nettles: Birte Ford Wordery


Thursday, May 28, 2015

So We Moved

But not too far
We are now South of Town just past 5 Mile Creek
living on the Prawn Farm
In a lovely house on stilts

I have a vegie garden happening
and even a few indigo seeds 
planted in the end boxes

From the balcony I can see 
the feed sheds
where there is activity 
day and night

The other side we can see ponds in the distance

and more ponds straight ahead
I hear then more than see them
as the aerators are always on
like a series of demented
water fountains
endlessly swishing away

I do have an indoor studio
Happy Days
With aircon
which is a must
Just the one bench height table 
which Dan made me from bits lying about the place

and work is happening

this is a series of  small works 
on rabbitskin glue gessoed
watercolour paper

I am working in Cold wax and oil paint
which I make myself
using only natural pigments

Things have progressed a little
I had a little bit each day

which is why they are 
taped to a piece of
cement sheet so i can remove them to do other things

These are part of a series
prompted by the 
so I have quite a few to go

These are getting some nice scribbly marks

and these are some of the finished pieces

already available in my 
Etsy Shop

They will all be very loosely based on concepts of time

Which is on my mind alot

in this year since my daughter
passed away

x te