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Monday, December 8, 2014


Cloud-Walker 2

Cloud-Walker 1

Two new pieces up for sale in my Etsy shop
I had so much fun with these
I mixed up my own oil paint 
with a combination of 
earth pigments and linseed oil
or for the blue natural indigo powder
and I added the pigment to cold wax medium 
which I make myself 
beeswax and pure gum turpentine
I geesoed up some 300gsm watercolour paper
then taped them to the glass tabletop
and built up layers of colour
patiently waiting between
for them to dry
Until one day I looked
and said
that's it

I do believe there shall be more

x te

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Books Read, October and November

I only list books that I have read and enjoyed.

Disclaimer: Some of the links go to the Book Depository (BD) with whom I have an Affiliated Link  and so get 10% of the price you pay if you purchase through that link. Where the book is currently no longer  available there the links go to which is a favourite site that will show you where books are available and at what price. I do not get anything from here.
Books marked (KD) are through Amazon Kindle

November Books

Eve Green: Susan Fletcher  BD
Abhorson: Garth Nix BD
Lirael: Garth Nix BD
Well Wished: Franny Billingsley BD
Tatsania’s Gift: Kim Falconer KD
The Pollyanna Plan: Talli Roland BD
A Swarming of Bees: Theresa Tomlinson BD

Non Fiction
The Martha Beck Collection: Martha Beck

Tree Spirit Woman: Colleen Baldrica BD
Walking Home: Sonia Choquette

Online Workshops

Daily Oracle Card Reading: Colette Baron-Reid
Strawberry Full Moon, Year Planner, Vision Cards: Jamie Ridler

New Blogs

Jamie Ridler Studios

October Books

Sabriel: Garth Nix BD
The Magicians: Lev Grossman BD
The Collected Works of A.J. Fikry: Gabrielle Zevin BD
The Caller: Juliet Marillier BD

Non Fiction

Map Art Lab: Jill K Berry BD

Monday, November 17, 2014

There and Back

what a time was had
this is a lovely piece from 
the workshop in Perth

The lovely Kailee
who I shared 
the cutest cottage with

The clothesline

Some of Jenni's decor

Jenni Worth 
a wonderful host








Did I mention the FOOD

Awesome delicious fabulous FOOD

The next workshop
has a lot to live up to
So if you get the opportunity
for Bear & Hedgehog catering
(India & Roz)
don't hesitate

and of course
the ever moving
Sandra Brownlee

what a treat it was

to spend time

with this inspiring woman

The cottage

It was an absolutely amazing time away
I hope the pictures give you a small taste
of the fun I had

Next I will show a few pics 
of what I managed to make

x te