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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Plaster and Wax, The Results

I know you are all eager for this one
AS were my students
when they arrived fresh and eager at the start of the day
But then I gave then way to many ideas
but they came through winners in the end
I won't be naming names.
They know who they are

So now I have lots of new ideas
to play with

and soon I will be able to talk about
a Natural Dye Workshop
I am planning
for next year
in Portugal
a overseas trip is in the pipeline
oh happy days

x te

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Plaster and Wax Workshop

On the weekend I taught a 2 day workshop for Louise Plint at her Elements Studio in Ingham
In this post I will show some of the results for day 1

This is the day we prepare all our pieces
on the second day we decorate
I will put those pics up tomorrow
Please excuse the awkward photo angles
but blogger did it

This is also where I let you know that next year
I will be teaching this as a 4 day class

with all that extra time it will be even more fun

x te

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


It's not like nothing is happening and I haven't been doing stuff,
 it is just that, well I don't really know.
I am kinda just drifting along and
actually sitting down to blog has just been to hard
I have been playing with more paint rag pages

different ideas

and I made a book

which has gone up to an exhibition
in Mission Beach

A Book Of Xanth

full of experiments

and fun
My trip to Melbourne has been and gone
Saw the John Wolsley Exhibition 
which was awesome
But was very disappointed 
that they sold out of catalogs
in the first week
and will not be printing any more

I spent some time with Robyn out at Open Drawer
and talked about maybe doing a workshop there
next March

I ate and I shopped and had thoroughly lovely time
The Triple Sec Hot Chocolate at
was delicious

Went to Neil Wallace
and Tesutti Fabrics

So all is well as I settle back into my routine
prepping for a workshop in Ingham
in a week and a half
and playing with 
paint rags
though I will have to get some more paintings done
as my supply is getting very low
But that is how it goes

x te