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Monday, October 5, 2015

In the Studio October

Jars of Xanthorrhoea Resin
with small works soaking in them

growing into a stack
getting ready for an exhibition
at Beth Hulmes Studio
in Melbourne
next year

I am also working on some small

oil and cold wax pieces

on paper

They are currently taped to my desk top

Hopefully they will turn out nice

Day 1
and some of you may have been following me on FB
under #judsychallenge

Day 22
I am working on the same piece 
doing something every day 
for 30 days
Though I am now going to take a break
of about a week
as my best friend is coming up for a visit
and this really needs a few days to dry

x te

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Student's Wax Books

I love when I get to see the 
end result of a workshop
I have given

These images are all the work of Louise Plint
who hosted my Wax and Plaster Book workshop
held in Ingham last month

They very beautiful

The beginnings can be seen 
in the other two posts about this workshop
1 and 2

I am very impressed with the finished result

It is such a fun medium to work with

a bit of plaster bandage 
some milk paints
some pigments and
some wax

So far I have two workshops in this technique 
scheduled for next year

I am very much looking forward to seeing
the results from those

x te

Monday, September 21, 2015

Teaching in Portugal

How lucky am I  that next year not only to I get to visit my Sister and Father who now live in Portugal but I also get the opportunity to teach there as well.
 I will be at the teaching at the Pink Buddha Art Studio in Lousada, near Porto, for the lovely Linda Chaves.
I am so very excited. All the fabulous details here

We plan on arriving in Barcelona at the beginning of September here I will be able to finally see the works of Gaudi, who I have long admired and then we plan on travelling up to the coast to San Sebastian. From there we hope to see as much of the Spanish north coast as possible then around the corner and down to Porto, where I will be teaching a 5 day eco-dyeing class. And then it will be down towards Lisbon for the family visit before flying back to Oz.

So if anyone has any must see ideas please let me know.

Let the planning begin. So excited

x te