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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What's in the Jars?

Or at least some of them.
For now I will focus on the 
Acacia Rust Gall Fungus
which I found by the bucket load
back in July 2019
I placed some in cold water
and some in Methylated Spirits
and at a later date I cooked some up
Below are the results
on the left side is 
watercolur paper
and on the right

Cold processed in rain water

Hot processed by simmering in filtered tap water

as above with added iron

hot processed then placed in a jar 
and washing soda added

soaked in methylated spirits

as above +iron
 the colours are a browner pink in reality
But at the moment I have serious studio restraints
Think tiny space next to the kitchen sink 
but only after the dishes are done

Some of these i will reduce further to create inks
I am also hoping to make lake pigment 
and then use as either a watercolur paint 
or with egg tempera

The ones in the meths I will add some shellac 
and see if I can get a nice shiny ink

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