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Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Monday, January 18, 2010


It is hot over here, hot, hot, hot. I don't like it at all. This is why I don't live in Perth anymore it is impossible to escape from the heat. So tomorrow we head south to cooler climes.

We have visited the children, grandchildren and parents so the first round of obligations are over. Now for the relaxing part of the journey.

I have watched half of the Dvd on encastics I got for xmas and it is amazing. I am inspired and would dearly love to get into the studio but that will have to wait, I will just have to write my ideas down for later.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer Holidays

well now that everyone else seems to have had their holidays and are now firmly into the new year, I am going to have my time off. Its not that I wanted to out of step with everyone else but when you have to fly from one side of the continent to the other, cheaper flights are vitally important. Esp as 1 of us is a student and the other a fledgling business. So we leave tomorrow evening and from the time we leave here to the time we arrive there will be 9 hours. Oh my ,thats a long time. I will need a couple of good books for that one. But it will be oh so good to see the chilluns, who we havent seen for a whole year. Which is far too long.
So the big haul from here in Launceston to Perth for a few days and then we drive southwards for about 5 hours till be reach the southern ocean where we have a few acres of heaven waiting for us. There we can sit on our deck and look out over our land while eating homemade pizza from the pizza oven we built ourselves. There will undoubtedly be something in the way of liquid refreshments as well. Long lazy days punctuated by trips to the beach and the odd bit of drifting down the river in the tinnie. Maybe I will post pictures, if I have the energy to lift the camera.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Market Day

Well off to the first market of the New Year in the morning. It seems like forever since the last one, even though it has only been 2 weeks between them. But what alot fit into those weeks what with xmas and New Years. And this will be my last one here in Launceston for a wee whilee. Next Saturday I am off on holidays back home to the west to visit my children and to go down south to our block of land and stay and rest and absorb the peacefulness for a week or so. Then back to Launceston for a brief stop then Melbourne for a couple of markets. By which time it will be somewhere towards the end of february.
But for closer matters, tomorrow I will have all the new buttons ready for sale, as well as a new wool vest, (though it perhaps isnt the time of year for that) I also have some new paintings and brand spanking new are two little encaustic (beeswax) paintings that I have done.
Perhaps there will be pictures before they go on sale. I also have some small stitched pieces matted up and ready to frame and some new cotton clothes which have been dyed and some have stitched silk details.
Look forward to seeing you all at the Homespun Market, Patterson St Launceston.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

More more buttons

The saga of the buttons continues. These are the first lot ready to go on sale. They are all clean and have been sand papered to remove any daggy bits.

These are the large egg buttons and I must admit they are my favourites. 6 cm long x 3.5cm wide
and a close up

And these are the pendants. Each one comes with a silk string necklace to suspend them on. Or you can of course suspend them from something else, a bag a keychain, your artwork, anything you like.

and another close up. Here you can see some of the different surface treatments. Little drawings, lace and net embossing.
Now I just need to sand the over 250 other buttons, so they are also ready for the market next saturday. And go through and pick out sets for the etsy shop.