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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Natural Mixed Media Workshop

Zinc White mixed with cold wax fresh
I don't know if you can see the difference between the two details shown here, but in reality there is a huge difference. The fresh mix is white as you would expect

Zinc White mixed with cold wax and stored
But this one where I mixed it up in advance to take to a workshop has had a chemical reaction I assume with the pure gum turpentine which has caused the zinc to become flourescent which is very interesting.

And speaking of workshops it would appear that I am going to have to cancel my trip to Melbourne for June as there are not enough takers for the workshop out at Open Drawer to justify the expense. So if you are interested you best go over there real quick. As flights are only getting more expensive.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tin Shed Stitching

And a good time was had by all.
Jilli making a pattern for a silk variation of the wool wrap dress she was working on last stitch day

The beginnings of my scarf from leggings, here I am adding an extension made from wool prefelt with silk sttiched on.

Stitching by the fire

Cilla brought along her crocheted gloves to work on, not strictly stitching I know but she had to work in the morning and needed a small project that was easy to carry. Apart from the purple it is naturally dyed wool.

Jilli's frock well under way.

and my scarf well under way, you can see the doily I sttiched on at the right and in the foreground points on the edge, I have also added some wool top under some loosely woven cotton which I am hoping will felt up nicely.

The scarf is currently in the washing machine, so I will post a photo of the results when it has dried.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Found Stitched and Dyed

Today is Found Stitched and Dyed day at the Tin Shed.....a day for any interested stitchers to turn up (cost $5 ) tea and coffee and fantastic company supplied.

Go here to find out what it is about.

Bring something to stitch and away we go..

Friday, May 20, 2011

Even more on Etsy

Just thought you might like the preview up here first of what I am currently uploading toMy Etsy Shop

'Guidance of the Inner Light'

This time we have original encaustic pieces.

'Myriad of Things'

'Three Gave Birth'

All the titles come from an English translation of the Tao Te Ching.

I hope you enjoy them.
x te

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finally Maybe Something on Etsy

So I have made some stuff and I have taken some photos and I have written the story so whats the hold up you might ask? It looks like Etsy is down. So you all get to see it first, yes a special sneak preview. Here exclusively until the interknit fixes herself.

These are the latest wrap Journals featuring paper pages this time.

And these are a new item

Scarf Pins utilising old fashioned

knitting stitch holders.
As usual it is all natural dyes and all hand stitched.
Love to know what you think.
x te

They are up now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Workshop Cancelled

Sad but true. My Natural Paint Workshop at Open Drawer has had to be cancelled after not getting enough numbers. But all is not lost we will try to get the numbers up to run it next month instead. I am still coming up to Melbourne and if anyone wants to chat about it or anything else I will be at Beautiful Silks friday and saturday and at the Abbotsford Convent on Sunday.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What a Weekend!!!!

Went down to Hobart for the weekend. Stopped in at MONA for a look about and I have to say it was only alright. It was intersting but nothing really grabbed me.
Then on to our hotel, we had booked a WOTIF red hot deal and I think we got a bit burnt. We stayed at the Leisure Inn Hobart Macquarie and frankly the place looks like a large toilet block, and then upon going to reception we are told that they don't have any parking available so we would have to go find a parking metre till after 6 when their overflow parking became available. Ok we wanted to go fo a bit of a drive anyway. So off we trot to our lovely room? well shock number two, inside we find 2 beds, not the Queens size we were expecting, read the fine print, subject to availability, but for a measly $40 per night we could upgrade.Sounds like a rort to me. The twin beds would have been fine we could just push them together but no, inbetween them was a huge concrete pillar, but never fear we completly rearranged the room and found away even if one bed was jammed against the pillar and one against the window. Then we had issues with getting the heater happening and it was cold down there, and then sunday morning when we were booked in for the Hot Buffet Breakfast, which according to the menu looked really good, but when you get there you could choose from the semi congealed bacon and eggs in the bain marie or the cereal, neither terribly appealing to a gluten restricted vegetarian, who loves GOOD food. And that was my Mothers Day Breakfast. And of course the real kicker is the complete indifference of the staff, yeh yeh whatever. Thanks for nothing Leisure INN Hobart Macquarie and WOTIF.

On a brighter note Saturday was the Barn Market, which while not particularly lucrative for me is a lovely market.

Much enhanced by a suprise visit from this lovely young man, my son Jeremy who flew over from Perth to spend some time with Mum on Mothers Day. You could of knocked me over with a feather when as we were unloading the car for the market a deep voice enquired if he could be of some assistance and when I turned there was the least expected person. Such fun. This is on top of Mt Wellington after the market. It was seriously cold 5 degrees C I believe. And he took us both out to dinner Saturday night. Thanks Jez and Cat.
Then on Sunday we popped down to Kingston where I taught a Natural Painting workshop to 8 lovely women from Stitching and Beyond. We had a great time.

What more can you ask from a Mothers Day? A fun day of painting with great women and I got paid, and a bonus visit. Life is good.
Noiw back to work. Any one who is intrigued by the above pictures and lives in Melbourne and is interested in a more sustainable way of making art, pop on over to Open Drawer and book in for my workshop on friday, where I get to play all over again.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Months Prize

My goodness I don't think the blog has had this many posts in such a short time, well ever.
But as promised oh so long ago, well two posts so it will disappear when I put this up. (Oh do get on with it and stop rambling dear) Up above is the prize for being on my email list this month. It is a small natural painting on masonite ( which is being phased out, the masonite that is!!) It has a piece of cloth attatched and is finished with cold wax. Best of luck y;all.

Paint Workshop

While my workshop in Hobart is fully booked or as we say chokkers, Melbourne is not quite so full. So anyone wishing to play with Natural Paint with me on Friday the 13th!!! should head over to Open Drawer and have a look.

They will also be
" having Open Days on Friday May 6th from 2-8pm and Saturday May 7th 10am-4pm to give you the opportunity to come and meet our Tutors. You will be able to see demonstrations of the techniques used in the workshops we offer, do hands-on activities and generally join in the fun that is Opendrawer"
While I won't be there I will be represented by examples of my work.

And wait there's more, after class has finished I will be starting a Stitching Circle along the lines of the idea that the ever amazing India Flint thought up that you will find on her other blog here.
So come along to Open Drawer (link above) between 4 and 8 pm (no excuses workers of the world!!) and for a nominal fee of $5 you can sit and chat and stitch with me. Don't forget to bring your found cloth, needles and threads.

Heading South

We are heading down to Hobart on Friday. With a little sidestop for lunch with Rowena in Oatlands.
And then on to the Museum of Old and New or MONA as it is known. I havn't been to either yet so am anticipating much fun. Then the evening will be spent in at the Leasure Inn Hobart Macquarie 
 (booked through wotif so it was a bargain) this is so we don't have to get up at 5.30am to race down for the The Barnmarket where I will have lots of lovely things for sale. I will also have the piece of artwork with me that is this months giveaway for those people on my email list. I will try to get a photo up tomorrow.
Then on Sunday I will be teaching a Natural Paint Workshop for The Stitching and Beyond group which is fully booked. So I am both excited and a little apprehensive about that. I just hope I remember to pack everything I need So just one more thing to pop on the mountain!!!! Hmm Maybe we need a trailer.