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Friday, October 15, 2010

Are we There Yet?

Soewn Earth at the Tasmanian Craft Fair

29th Oct to 1st Nov 2010

Stall 426 Venue 4 Hoecker

Located at the High School

The brochure has arrived with my name in it, so it is really official now, and I have 3 exhibitor passes so I must be going. The mountain in the loungeroom grows ever larger and I am entirely sick of buttons already. Esp as I will be working both afternoons this weekend. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because these little suckers have to be fired. So they have to be all ready to go by tuesday afternoon. Then they will be fired on wednesday and I will get them back all nice a nd prisitne and white on friday afternoon. So next weekend I will be working again putting them in tins and setting them on fire so I get those beautiful (hopefully) markings. Course making buttons isn't all I am doing, I am dyeing up heaps of silk and wool scarves, handstitching some wool vests, making fabulous new cards and putting together some dolly button kits. Lets hope I will have enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No I still haven't figured out how to put photos on again.
Soon my pretties, soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Because I said I would

I made it even though it is now monday morning not sunday.
I had a wonderful time in Melbourne. And I was going to put in lots of photos, well a few but have just seen that the format has been changed and I have to learn to use Picassa by the looks of it if I wish to use my own photos. So no pics today.
One of the highlights of my trip was to see the John Davis exhibition at the NGV. It was absolutely awe inspiring, the feelings of reverance when surrounded by work that was so simple yet profound reminds me yet again that I do not need to use fancy materials or compicated images to convey meaning. Standing in front of his wall of fish and then the need to look at each one individually. Well just wow really. Black and white and sticks and cloth, thats all you really need.
And then off to a workshop to make my own art. Of which I can't show a picture for the reasons stated earlier. I made a concertina book form heavy paper which I dyed by placing inside eucalyptus leaves, onion skins and oxalis flowers, I then wet it thoroughly and placed inside a plastic bag and then horror of horrors I microwaved it, more than once!!! Yes I succumed to the use of the devils machine. Time was short and I had no equipment with me and I won't do it again, unless I really really have to. But it did work very well.
While this was drying out, painted some pieces (10) on very heavt watercolour paper, these slotted into the pockets of the book. Then the whole thing was wrapped in some beautifully dyed matt silk. Not I must mention the lovely silk that I had been stitching all week as the colours were all wrong but the alternative cloth which will now need to be stitched. And then it was tied with a nice length of silk string. I wish you could see it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am back here in Lonnie, back in the studio, made buttons yesterday and will be doing more today ( yes I will be working on show day!!!!!). Hopefully I will also get some dye pots going today as I need heaps of vests for the Craft Fair and I only have 1 left. I will get a real post with photos done on Sunday as I will be in Hobart Saturday for the Barn Market.