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Monday, December 29, 2014

Oil And Wax

3 of those WIPs are now finished and in my Etsy shop

Everyday I go upstairs and do
a little bit more

though it is late in the afternoon
when it is a little cooler

x te

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

3 New paint Rag Books


New books in my Etsy shop
2 small 
and 1 large
for ideas on how to play
with them
Mo Crow is doing lovely things

I hope everyone has a 
Great Festive Season
I will be up at 4.30 am
to get Dan off to work
but I will probably go 
back to bed for a couple of hours

Not sure if we will be having anything special to eat
as we were supposed to go last minute shopping this afternoon
but I just received a text saying
one of the guys at work has rolled the truck
and Dan may have to drive him to Hospital.
Makes things tricky
But there is always Mangoes
thankfully IGA and the bottle shop was still open
so all was ok in the end

x te

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Multiple WIPs

At the moment I am playing with Oil paint
and cold wax medium
it takes a long time to dry
so I am working in multiples

I have several pieces 
of gessoed watercolour paper
taped to my table top

I add to them a little at a time

Some small pieces

I also have some large pieces happening
on improvised easels
foam esky lids on chairs

This is the biggest I am working on
at 100 x 100 cm
and on canvas 
so i will have to go easy on the wax

This is a piece on board

small works tucked underneath

and one on the bench top

Paper pieces live under the bench
so all in all I seem to have a lot happening
 but nothing finished
Hopefully over the Xmas season
I can get some work done
as Dan will be working
apparently prawns need to be fed every day
and this is one of the lovely
tropical Xmas trees
I can see from my balcony
a Poinciana
Delonix regia
originally from Madagascar

x te

Monday, December 8, 2014


Cloud-Walker 2

Cloud-Walker 1

Two new pieces up for sale in my Etsy shop
I had so much fun with these
I mixed up my own oil paint 
with a combination of 
earth pigments and linseed oil
or for the blue natural indigo powder
and I added the pigment to cold wax medium 
which I make myself 
beeswax and pure gum turpentine
I geesoed up some 300gsm watercolour paper
then taped them to the glass tabletop
and built up layers of colour
patiently waiting between
for them to dry
Until one day I looked
and said
that's it

I do believe there shall be more

x te

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Books Read, October and November

I only list books that I have read and enjoyed.

Disclaimer: Some of the links go to the Book Depository (BD) with whom I have an Affiliated Link  and so get 10% of the price you pay if you purchase through that link. Where the book is currently no longer  available there the links go to which is a favourite site that will show you where books are available and at what price. I do not get anything from here.
Books marked (KD) are through Amazon Kindle

November Books

Eve Green: Susan Fletcher  BD
Abhorson: Garth Nix BD
Lirael: Garth Nix BD
Well Wished: Franny Billingsley BD
Tatsania’s Gift: Kim Falconer KD
The Pollyanna Plan: Talli Roland BD
A Swarming of Bees: Theresa Tomlinson BD

Non Fiction
The Martha Beck Collection: Martha Beck

Tree Spirit Woman: Colleen Baldrica BD
Walking Home: Sonia Choquette

Online Workshops

Daily Oracle Card Reading: Colette Baron-Reid
Strawberry Full Moon, Year Planner, Vision Cards: Jamie Ridler

New Blogs

Jamie Ridler Studios

October Books

Sabriel: Garth Nix BD
The Magicians: Lev Grossman BD
The Collected Works of A.J. Fikry: Gabrielle Zevin BD
The Caller: Juliet Marillier BD

Non Fiction

Map Art Lab: Jill K Berry BD