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Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sunrise flying east

Trish Baldwin's display of treasure

I am currently in Melbourne
after leaving home over a week ago
and spending some time in the Blue Mountains
where I taught a two day Datural Dye Workshop
and assisted Trish in a 4 day Encaustic Workkshop
And boy did I have a good time.
So for now I am catching up on correspondence
and working on my next article for Down Under Textiles Magazine
There will also be a little shopping
and some exhibition viewing
before heading north
to Queensland for a Dorothy Caldwell Workshop
Life is good.
x te

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Grinning all Over

For those of you left dangling from the last post.
Yes I did win.
and a nice cheque came with the prize
so now I will have spending money
on my imminent trip eastwards.
(UpDate: just got a phone call to say the piece has now been sold)

These are few pictures from the Denmark Market
that I attended yesterday
This has also added a bit more to the spending pot.

I will be leaving for the Bllue Mountains
on Thursday
to attend the Context Art Forum
where I will be co-teaching a 2 day
Natural Dyeworkshop
then I will be an assistant in the 4 day Encaustic workshop
Ain't I the lucky one.
But wait theres more.
After a week in Melbourne i get to fly up to Queensland
for a workshop with
It is like Heaven on a Stick

and here are some images of the clothes
I have been fast track dyeing
to take with me

tshirts and sleeveless tops

and Socks!!!!!!!!!!

x te

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I submitted this piece to the local art show
and Ijust recieved a phone call
suggesting it would be worth my while
attending the opening ceremony.
I will keep you posted.

We have finally secured a flat in town
which makes Dan's work commute much more reasonable.
And no more getting up before 5am!!!
But it does make life a bit tricky
being in town during the week
and home on weekends.
Also makes studio work a littel difficult.
So the usual swings and roundabouts.

Did a market yesterday
wasn't wildly successful
but that may hve been due to the gale force winds
No pics too busy holding on
or we would have ended up in the next town!!!

x te