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Friday, February 24, 2012

I Love You Mum

Jean May Smith
25/9/37 - 22/2/12

Jean, Jean, Roses are red.

All the leaves have gone green.

And the clouds are so low,

You can touch them and so,

Come out to the meadow, Jean.

Jean, Jean, You're young and alive.

Come out of your half dreamed dream.

And run, if you will, to the top of the hill.

Open your arms, bonnie Jean.

Till the sheep in the valley come home my way.

Till the stars fall around me and find me alone.

When the sun comes a' singin, I'll still be waiting for...

Jean, Jean, Roses are red.

And all of the leaves have gone green.

While the hills are ablaze

With the moon's yellow haze,

Come into my arms, bonnie Jean.

Rod McKuen

©1969, Warner Brothers Music

I miss you

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Progress?, Sidetracked and a Giveaway

Here is what has happened so far

I know not a lot

A coat of cold wax medium mixed with turmeric powder

That is one sassy yellow
But it will of course disappear
under many more coats
I did a sample bit of turmeric to see
how it handles the light over time

But I did get sidetracked with some encaustic

And here
these are much bigger
30 x 30cm
or 12 x 12in

And as some of you have pointed out
I have reached the magic 100
Who knew that it would feel so good
So as promised there will be a giveaway
So leave a comment
you do not have to be a follower
I know I follow many more blogs than blogger will allow
and I will draw a winner
Next saturday
and then send off packet of goodies
including some teabags
of course

I had a lovely day today
I had a coffee in town with the lovely
I love meeting fellow bloggers
x te

Update: There may be a delay on the giveaway
as I have had to make an emergency trip to Perth
to spend the last few days
with my Mum.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Love Followers

Well I see that recent events have given my follower number a wee boost
At the time of wrting this post I am at 99.
So I shall wait till we click over to triple figures and then
there will of course be a celebratory giveaway
I will not be celebrating the third encounter with that\pesky snake!!!
x te


starch paste on traditional gesso applied to and open weave cloth on masonite

Over the last couple of days I have been putting together
some painting substrates

Starch paste on plaster applied to and open weave cloth on masonite

and I though some of you might be interested in my process

just plaster

so here we go

plaster and starch paste on heesian applied to pine

I am hoping to get some underneath texture to pick up colour as I apply paint
but being a natural girl I don't use such things as gel/acrylic medium
so i gots to find otherways

plaster and on heesian applied to pine

plaster likes to pop right off pine
well it likes to wait a couple of months and suprise
you one day

so to try and combat that i have applied
an open weave cloth a light one on the smaller pieces
and hessian/jute on the bigger ones
this should give it something to grab onto

plaster and on heesian applied to pine

the starch paste is to give some idea of a horizon line
so I will be vaguely referencing landscape
paint will be added tomorrow

on the toipic of my process
I have been asked by Dorie to teach in the Netherlands
next year May/June 2013
and as you can imagine that is an awfully long way
so I am hoping there might be a few more places that
would be interested in learning my particular brand of madness
And with a lovely mention by the fabulous India
how could I possibly go wrong

please contact me or leave a comment
if you would like to host me.
x te

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Letter A Week

I am involved this year in this project which is to do with producing two alphabets during the year
So far I have completed 8 letters, I am working on them in a progressive manner
My first post can be found here

The second post is here 
so if you are interested in what I am actually doing
pop on over and have a look
You might find some other stuff you like too
x te

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Tea Bags

I have dyed some more tea bags

And I am even more impressed with this lot

This time I brushed the leaves

with egg white

before clamping them
This has given me much greater colour in the centres
And these have all been washed
and ironed!!!
Can't wait to try egg yolk
to see what difference it makes
x te

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In the Pumpkin Patch

Can you see it?

What about now?

Or now?

Well if you want to really see

Went down to vegie garden
but didn't do any gardenting after seeing this!!!!
After this shot it turned about and went back in
and now I can't see where it is
So no more of that for me today
And yes it is a Tiger
And yes it is listed as
Extremely aggressive
and Dangerous

Course this has to happen now that Dan has taken a job in town
This is only day 2!!!!
x te

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finally in Print

Yes as hinted here 
I have a series of articles coming up in the Down Under Textiles Magazine.
The first one is due out this month.
I haven't even seen it yet!!!
I hope it is ok
as I wrote it while packing to move
oh so long ago back in Nov/Dec
Way back in last year.
And yesterday I sent in article 2
due out in May.
So 2 down 1 to go.
x te

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chooks are go

View from the house

The brand new chicken yard is finished and full.
Dan spent many hours on this beauty
which should by all accounts still be up in 20 years time.
The roosting shed is at the left end and the chick rearing area on the right

View from the paddock
And from this side you can see it has it's own water tank.
The chicken nipples are on the way in the mail
and will be installed soon. 

Our new Rooster and 3 of his girls, he has a rosecomb which was unexpected.
You can also see our Muscovy DrakeCedric and off to the side is Hedley

And here is our mother and child.
She is not happy at being segregated to the chick rearing area
But after the chick tried to swim
 in the water bowl
it was deemed safer all round.
I am so happy to have a full complement of birds again.
A place in the country just doesn't seem right without them.
And duck egg pasta is divine.
x te