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Thursday, February 25, 2010

In the Studio

Brand new journal off to market tomorrow. THis is one of 4 and they are all different. So a front cover done with milk paints, ink and beeswax medium.

Inside I have include pieces of old prints from Uni and TAFE. This is screenprinting with lace.

More screen printing, though this is a little more restrained.

A combo deal, this even includes a small piece of my poetry. This may not be considered a bonus!!

The handstitched spine.

And now a sneak peak at some of the paintings I have been working on. I am teaching a workshop at the end of April in the techniques I use, I though I best do some paintings and pay attention maybe even make some notes!!!!!

If you look closely you can see the form of a nest/basket in this one done with the starch paste. This one is actually finished now and is much darker and I cleaned the nest/basket so it is a lovely creamy colour in contrast. And of course it has been waxed and buffed up to a lovely sheen. This one is 12 x 12in or 30 x 30cm. Best think of a name and then she will be up for sale. Now that I have my canvas stretchers I will making my own supports with hemp canvas and they will just that little bit closer to being ecologically sound.

And two bubby paintings. 6 x 6in or 15 x 15cm.

Another biggie, this one also is finished now and you can see the 3 little eggs/seeds in the bottom of the bowl.
But now it is the weekend and I have a market to prepare for.
Civic Homespun in Launceston this weekend but next sunday I will be in Melbourne at the Sunday Arts @ the Coinvent in Abbotsford. Hope to see you there.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Whens it going to be on Etsy!!!!!!!!!!

I must say i was most chuffed this morning when I had not only a new follower (so exciting) but also a request as to when my pendants would be appearing for sale on Etsy. Well now that is always a tricky thing not least because I have asked my partner to be in charge of the Etsy site and well he has not quite got the hang of just getting it up there and fiddling with the photos later. And now that he's back at Uni it may take even longer. And there is alos the fact that as everything I do is a one off I never know quite what to list and what to sell locally at the markets, coz I got a lot of stuff most of which never makes it to etsy. So heres what we are going to do, if anyone ever sees anything on the blog that you would like to know a price for or would like more info or anything really please just let me know and i will be morethan happy to do a private little deal. As for the pendants they are $10 ea as is or $20 with a handmade silk string hangy thing (well i cant call it a chain can I?) with a clay bead closure which can be worn with out the pendant as a necklace in its own right. In fact a store in Melbourne ordered 10 just like that.
I suppose I now need to take photos of that so you know what the heck I am talking about.
Maybe tomorrow

Saturday Market

This saturday I will at the Homespun Market in Launceston. It feels like ages since I was there.
Check it out here
There should be some new journals ready to go, a new wrap vest and a whole lot of new silk wrap/sarongs. Hope to see you there.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Pictures

I promised pictures and here they are. Above is the entry to our humble home in the bush. We have 36 acres in the Great Southern area of Westerna Australia so at the moment we are a long way from home. On the left in is a self seeded kangaroo paw and on the right is a philodendron which came from Dans Grandmothers house.
This is the bathroom/deck area.

The waterlilly pond.

Which gets all its water from the outside composting toilet.

The deck where we spend many happy days, and in the background the cob pizza oven which we built ourselves and boy does it do great pizzas.

And out the side facing north a pergola with a grape vine over it, this is a great place to sit in the evening and watch the sunset.

And this is out boating on the inlet.

Not catching fish of an edible size.

And this is one of the days spent at our local beach which is about 15 mins by car.
So all in all a very satisfying holiday though not nearly long enough but they never are. And it is most peculiar going home for a holiday. Dan is back at Uni next week and I am back in the studio, maybe next time I will have photos of the new journals.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Really back

Arrived home last night from my trip to Melbourne. While it is always fun to travel and spend time with my bestest friend it is also nice to be home especially as I left my beloved here. Now I need to re-establish the routine and figure out what happens next at the studio. I am hoping to put together some more journals and i have 10 new wraps to finish dyeing and I really want to get some paintings done. Oh and i suppose I should spend some time organising for the workshop i will be teaching in April.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well yes technically I am back but not for long, Tuesday I am off to Melbourne coz a marketing I will go. Yes I have scored myself two market spots in Melbourne. Saturday 13th Feb I will be at Yarraville and Sunday 14th at the Rose St Markets. I worked on some new journals while I was away and I am hoping to get them finished in time to take with me. Hopefully I will get back here this afternoon to put up some pictures of my holidays. It did get cooler.