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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A small mention in a book

I am absolutely wrapped to get a mention in Sandy Webster's  new book.

There is a picture on the sidebar but it would appear that blogger does not wish me to put pictures on from my computer.

Sandy Webster's book Earthen Pigments: Hand-Gathering and Using Natural Colors in Art, Schiffer Publishing, will be available in January 2013 and can be ordered through Sandy takes the reader from the field to the studio where the processes of cleaning, sifting, and mulling result in beautiful colored pigments. Through recipes and illustrations, learn how to turn these pigments into a variety of artist mediums from water-based paints, to pastels and oil/wax crayons, casein solutions, printmaking inks, and even spun into paper threads for weaving, stitching, and tying. Several pigment samples are shown throughout, and a gallery of the artist’s works using hand-gathered pigments will inspire your own creative ideas.