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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Misty Faces

I have limited space currently 
so I am still exploring 
working on tea bags
I recently put up a new experiment 
and was asked about process

It begins with a tea bag
dried with side edges removed
on a silicon baking sheet

I draw a face with sumi e ink

this particular one
this time

I apply white egg tempera
(egg yolk, mixed with titanium dioxide white powdered pigment}

and end up with 2 faces
they are left to dry
the one on the left has been flipped over 
so the image is now facing down

I apply traditional gesso to the tea bag

then a piece of paper
which also has gesso applied
then another tea bag and another layer of gesso

so the sandwich consists of 2 tea bags and 1 paper filler 
and 3 layers of traditional gesso
they are then left to dry completely
before carefully peeling them off the baking sheet
I do not use silicon baking paper as you
 end up with a very wrinkly result

The flipped image 

The unflipped image is a lot mistier

This is after beeswax has been applied

flipped image

unflipped image

 is available in my Etsy Shop
and this is the original 

If you have any questions please leave a comment


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Teabags and Dye

I have been heating up my jars of stored dye
to help prevent unwanted growths
and in the process I dribbled some on my silicon baking sheet

I also dyed 2 types of linen thread
one is a linen paper

and once the dyes on the sheet were dry I made some 

I am super pleased

with the results

They are supposed to be bases 

for painting on top of

But at this stage I just want to frame them as is

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Tea Bags plus

As a follow on from the post about teabags
I have continued to experiment

These lovelies are done the same except 
in one batch I had not cleaned the silicon sheet
and this gave me some lovely marks 

So I decided to do that deliberately
using avocado ink 
modified with washing soda

some of the marks seen here are
from a little of the ink mixed with egg yolk 
on the silicon sheet itself and
the darker redder ones 
are from the ink dripped in between the layers

I love the end look

But the question is can I paint on them!!!!

Not yet, these two are on the plainer bases
The First two faces for 2020

 221 Vanessa

222 Irene

Both in egg tempera using only bone black, titanium white, indigo blue and yellow ochre.