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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Encaustic Book

Front Cover
Recently I was commissioned to make
a book with Encaustic Covers
to be used as a Wedding Photo Album

Back Cover

I have used imagery depicting 2 seeds
planted in the soil
on the front cover they are freshly
planted side by side
and ont he back they have started to grow.

It has an open decorative binding on the spine

and naturally dyed silk on the inside covers
there are 40 pages of beatiful
watercolour paper
with spacers

It was a lot of fun to make
and the feedback
overwhelmingly positive.
x te

Hot Wax Great Southern

I have started a new blog

to promote
the Residency
Three Day Encaustic Retreat
which will all be shared with
and Julia Sutton
Next Year

x te

Monday, August 20, 2012

Loving the Weekend Work

Playing with meths and pigment/natural resin

I had such a great weekend
Saturday the weather was glorious
got out into the vegie garden
and got the weeding done
and then in the afternoon went down to beach 
for a little rock climbing
But the studio was the best fun of all 

Started by playing with pouring pigment/natural resin in meths
this is dry gesso which I have wet
indigo, lac, xanthorrhoea and ink
I could have left it like this but no

I put another layer of gesso over the top
and then worked inot it while it was wet

the same here but only using indigo, ink and xanthorrhoea

and the end result





the detail tells you why
I love this technique so much
Next weekend I will apply wax
and make some marks
such fun
x te

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Composition Class

abstract landscape 1

Still busy doing an online workshop

abstarct landscape 2

I am having a lot of fun

cruciform 1

an I am learning heaps

cruciform 2

But don't let my dubious outcomes deter you
x te

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekend Work

These first two pieces 20 x 20cm
are the end result of the second picture in my last post
I am so loving the Xanthorrhoea resin
and have now extended this to using indigo, cutch and lac
more colours to come 

This beautiful piece is the result of spilling the xanth resin
and then just working into it
Both pieces finished with encaustic

'Dancing Fish'  20 x 20cm
Encaustic, fish scales and indigo oil paint
Such Fun 

WIPs 30 x 30cm
Indigo milk paint and xnathorrhoea resin
and pigments on traditional gesso
This one waits for wax

Working with the cruciform shape
Materials as above
More to come
+ Wax

The beginning of an abstract landscape
Wax will happen
and I am thinking maybe something
black and linear in the foreground

And an underpainting
who knows what might happen here
Next weekend when I get back in the studio.
x te

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 Important Blog Posts

I would like to bring your attention to these 2 blog posts which I feel are very important.
Firstly over here at Frogpondsrock talking about the crap in skin care products that is polluting the marine environment. I am so glad I do not use any commercial of commercially produced products.

And secondly at O Eco Textiles where they are talking about the lies and manipulation coming out of chemical manufacturers to sell you products that are making you seriously sick.

Thats why I think natural and as close to the original product as possible is best.

And I will say I most certainly don't trust trees made into toilet paper, Normal pesticide ridden cotton made into tampons, or bamboo made into soft fabric. Come on who are they trying to kid they have to use serious doses of chemicals to make these things. EEEwwwww.

x te

Sunday, August 5, 2012

In the Studio

Playing with Native Resin and Traditional Gesso

The beginning of some new pieces
Indigo, Native Resin and Cutch on Traditional Gesso
On the beautiful cradled boards Dan made for me
I will put up photos next week of what these now look like
with more layers and wax

background under layer

But what is occupying much of my time
is the online workshop 
the Keys to Dymanic Composition
I am currently in the middle of
over at

Composition with Single element

Such a lot of fun
And yes it is all natural
x te