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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Excitement in the Studio

My first plaster piece.
Plaster on wood, soy paint, oil stick, paper, ink, encaustic

Yesterday a wonderful woman called Katherine (now theres a name fraught with the dangers of misspelling these days) came into the studio and picked out 6 pieces of my work.

Gesso on craftwood, leaf skeleton, paper, gum resin, encaustic
And bought one immediately.

gesso on paper mache, gum resin, oil stick, paper

and put the others aside to pick up today.

gesso on paper mache, gum resin, oil stick, paper

which was just as well really otherwise I would have no photos at all.
as I don't have a photo of the piece she needed to take with her then and there.
It was a very simple piece, gesso on a found piece of craftwood with three scratched lines down the centre, on the left upper area there was the Ogham symbol for Phogos which is the beech tree and is about looking back to the past, in the middle of the right side was a small picture of a Goddess statue and down the bottom right corner text that said remember. All finished with a lovely coating of beeswax.

gesso on paper mache, gum resin, oil stick, paper

All in all a very satisfying day.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Winter Travel

Lighthouse Table Cape near Wynyard
Last week we went for a trek to the NW of the island. I may have suggested to my dearly beloved that we delay it referencing the two approaching cold fronts but someone made the decision to soldier on.
So we sallyed forth into the teeth of the biiter winds and lashing rains of a Tassie winter.
After roaming around Devonport looking for a cafe for lunch recommended by Lonley Planet which is no longer there we went onwards with grumbling tummies to the Groovy Penguin in Penguin and it was worth the wait.
We spent the night at the Wharf Hotel in Wynyard again because of the Lonely Planet and because of the delicious sounding menu on their website, the room was ok but the food, well it wasn't the same, the seafood chowder we were hoping for nowhere to be seen. And the food we had was more to do with the deep freeze and the deep fryer than anything fresh.

Sisters Beach?

HighField House Stanley

Ruins Stanley

The Nut

Even the locals are wet.

Stanley fromt he Nut (no I did not climb up to the top in the rain and wind, he did that by himself)

And the other way

and this is the Edge of the World.

Fortunately we had a much better time at the Stanley Hotel, sat in the lounge bar in front of a roaring wood fire which the lovely woman behind the bar kept well stoked and she put on great music dvd's to keep us happy. Roy Orbison and then Jerry Lee Lewis a lovely treat.
Dinner was fabulous a Seafood Chowder with fresh bread and we shared a most delicious sticky date pudding with cream and icecream for dessert.
And next morning breakfast at Moby Dick's Breakfast Cafe an absolute must. Dan had Eggs Benedict and I a smoked Salmon Royale, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and pancakes. YUM.
Hmmm seems to be more about food than travel??? What does that say about me?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Next Year in Melbourne

I finally got my act together, put in a proposal and was accepted to be a part of next years Natural Dye Symposium at Beautiful Silks. So if you think you might want to come and play with me, making mixed media art using only natural materials go here for a look see and sign up.
It will be a lot of fun and you can be sure I will be busy learning lots of new stuff to share.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Plaster, Etsy, Giveaway

The Plaster
This is some in progress pieces from the online workshop I am doing with Judy Wise and Stephanie Lee. So much fun.

'A Good Lover To Occupy Her'
All Natural Mixed Media Mounted
This is the running very late giveaway for the month and because I won;t be getting out and about this month I will include people who leave a comment in the draw along with the recipients of my newsletter.

And this is another little wrap book with gessoed pages which is about to go on Etsy.
And someone loved me enough to put me in their Treasury.

How lovely is that.
x te

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Love to Love Me

Well someone on Etsy has included me in a treasury and blogged about it. So at the moment I am feeling the love.
Go here for more.

Etsy Update

Another journal has gone onto the Etsy Shop.
But this is one of the special ones with the lovely crispy gessoed pages.
I have a few more in the works that I hope to put up in the next couple of days.
Though I may very well be distracted with online workshop which starts well kind of tomorrow but as it is US based it will Tuesday for me no doubt. For all the juicyness go here 
I am hoping this will lift me out of the slump I have been experiencing lately.