The Earth Reliant Artist

Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The State of the Studio

The studio has descended into chaos
as i sort out what I can take to QLD
with me

We leave next friday
1 week to go

x te

Friday, March 21, 2014

Big News

Dan has got a job
So we will be relocating
to Cardwell
North Queensland
Yup moving to the tropics
I am both alternately scared and exhilarated by this
Am currently in a total funk with the enormity of it

So I will be closing the studio
Last day Friday April 4th
The last workshops will be in Natural Dye
the next two Wednesdays 
March 26 and April 2nd
and an extra workshop 
on Sunday March 30th
Wednesday April 2nd will only go ahead if the other two dates fill
and I have now added 
a Natural Paint Workshop
on Sunday 2nd in the afternoon
I will have fabric for sale 
More info here

Everything in the Studio
will be half price
so if you are local come in and grab a bargain

I may even try to get some stuff up on Etsy
But I make no promises.

x te

Monday, March 10, 2014

On a Roll

Encaustic and Oil Stick on Encaustibord
30 x 30cm
Playing with old works that I was not happy with 
and am most pleased with the results

My beautiful Goddess
with the leaf Antlers

More leaves

Encaustic and Oil Stick on Encaustibord
28 x 35cm

and the second completed piece 
a Seedpod bursting into leaf

More leaf shapes appearing

And not because of spring
as down here
we are heading into autumn
Perhaps it is I who am leafing?

These pieces are as yet unnamed
but as soon as they are
they will be available 
here in my Studio/Gallery

x te

There and Back to See How Far it Was

Velma at the Art Gallery

I returned from Melbourne and the Grampians just over a week ago
Had a market the day after I returned
and taught a workshop in my studio 
a couple of days after that
and finally I get to this bit

My best friend Naomi

I was lucky enough to spend
a few days in Melbourne
with Velma and Naomi 
before heading off to the Grampians

A Bee on the sidewalk 
outside Federation Square

I taught a 2 day Natural Dye Class
where explored many things including 
dyeing teabags

and some people did some

and embossing

And a very nice display table we ended up with

Lovely leaf prints on a tea bag

Then I taught a 4 day
Natural Mixed Media class
No time for Photos
so these are all from the display table

we had fun with paint, ink and wax

A some more dyeing but paper this time

and we made books
It was a wonderful few days
and all my students were marvelous

Since getting back home I have spent
some time in the studio
These are small 10 x10cm pieces
Some of which will be off to Ballarat
with me

where I will be lucky enough this time
to be a student
with the lovely 
Elizabeth Bunsen

works on paper

experimenting with wax

x te