The Earth Reliant Artist

Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Friday, June 27, 2014


oil on paper

I have been playing with oil paint
Hand made of course
Natural pigment
Earths + Indigo
and linseed oil

Oil on board

oil on board over palm debris

mixing white cold wax

and voila
a whole different look

all these pieces are works in progress
I will now work with cold wax over the oil
as well as add marks
in various ways
with a variety of materials

x te

Sunday, June 22, 2014


I will be flying through Brisbane sometime between either 17th and 22nd of October so if anyone is interested in me teaching a workshop ( examples here) in the area please let me know ASAP as I can arrange a stop over.

I will be teaching in
Melbourne at Open Drawer
a 2 day Natural Dye Workshop
and a 1 day Paint and Tape Book Workshop
My 1 day workshop in
will be a 
1 day Paint and Tape Book Workshop
Glue paint and Milk Paint
on a sheet of Hanhemuele 150gsm print paper

Torn up and assembled into a book
this has naturally dyed silk tapes
and a string bookmark

The cover has been waxed 
and some embellishments added

the book closed

with a stop in Goolwa 
for a play 
with Sandra Brownlee

x te

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

3rd Saturday Workshops

3rd Saturday Workshops
With Trace Willans
Of Soewn

All workshops held at the Library in Cardwell

10 – 4

Maximum of 12 students

 $100 per workshop

Bookings Essential

Must be paid for in advance


July  19th Natural Dyeing
Spend the day learning the basics of dyeing using plant material gathered from your home and local environment. We will be using a bundling technique with boiling and steaming which prints the actual plants onto the fabric, giving excellent detail.

August 16th  Making Simple Paint and a Tape Bound Book
Begin the day by learning to make two simple paints from milk, flour, sugar and natural pigments. Then use them to paint a large sheet of watercolour paper on one side. While this is drying make a small sample tape bound book in preparation for tearing your painting into smaller pieces to make a one of a kind artist’s book which you will work back into using encaustic techniques.

Glue Paint & Milk Paint

September 20th Starch Paste
Learn how to create small artworks using flour and milk. We will create areas of crackle finish and then paint over them with handmade paint then finish with ink.

October 18th  Playing with Egg
We will look at many different ways of using egg as an art material, from traditional egg tempera to stenciling, stamping and breakdown printing.. This one of my favourite mediums to work with as it is so versatile. Also learn to make traditional gesso

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tide Marks

Tide Marks
all natural mixed media on board
30 x 30cm

$250 plus postage

this is the view I have 
each day on my morning walk 
looking out over the mudflats 
to the sea

I glued down a piece of silk noil
over 2/3rds of the board
and then applied starch paste over most of it
and scratched into it
 milk paint has been applied and then ink
which was washed off
after it had thoroughly dried
I have added wax and dry pigment

This is the piece I entered into the local art prize
I did not win anything
and it is likely I will be bringing it home 
but I am good with that
we are living in a fully furnished apartment
and the art is not to my taste

x te

Sunday, June 1, 2014


A selection of my indigo experiments
On the right is a piece of linen knit with a light indigo dip 
and a squish of terminalia catappa

to the left and centre 
is a wool knit
both cold/solar dyed with the terminalia catappa
the one on the left over dyed with indigo

Up the top is another piece on the linen knit
made into string after 
a good long soak in the indigo

underneath it is a woven square of
nettle fibre
indigo soaked

and last but not least
in the very centre 
3 found fish bones
after an indigo dip

I am loving my
open air 
fructose lime pot.

x te