The Earth Reliant Artist

Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Most memorable market moment was when a little girl (about 4) with her parents picked out a button and insisted that she must have it and paid for it with her own money which she couldnt give directly to me but via her mom as she was far too shy but when they went past again on leaving I got a smile and a big wave. So sweet.

Niche Market

What a weekend! 3 days is a long time to smile and chat, not that I didn't enjoy every minute of sharing with people, coz I did, but it is quite tiring as I realised when I got home last night and just crumpled into a small tired heap. But what lovely people I met. I would like to thank everyone who stopped and listened to the story of my work and told me how much you loved what I did. It is always nice to get great feedback esp as I spend so much time working on my own and never quite sure how other people will view what I do.

A big special thanks to Emily from Pop Glass who had the stall next to me and to the Lovely girls from 3 Blind Mice, Kate, Claire and Alice who were friendly, bought some of my things and modelled them and sent other people across to see my clothes they were just plain gorgoeus. Also a big thanks to Sophie Hill from That Vintage who is always a joy to do a market with and so helpful. And to Isis and Sam and Maya oh and every one really that made it such a wonderful experience.

Next weekend is the Xmas sale at the place where I have my studio, The Tin Shed Pottery, 13 Russell St Invermay. Friday 5pm - 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 5pm. Hope to see you all there.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home again, home again jiggety jig

Well I am back from the big smoke and while it is lovely to go away on holiday it is comforting to be home sliding back into the routine. This is of course supposing that you have created for yourself a routine that you enjoy. That would have to be one of the keys to a happy life.
I did the market and it was ok but not as fabulous as I had hoped, this was made more difficult by the fact that my position was so dim people were having to peer to see what was for sale. And quite honestly my stuff probably didnt exactly fit the demographic of the market. So more research is most definitely needed to find a market were I am a more comfortable fit. On the upside I did manage to buy myself a few pressies, a couple of books; Handmade in Melbourne so I can see what is happening and where and a book on Encaustics which is an area I would like to explore next; a funky owl who I just couldn't resist when I saw him peering quizzically from his branch in the window of a florist. And there was much looking and eating and drinking and hanging out with my best friend. But now It is time to return to work so today I am back in the studio gearing up for the Niche market on friday.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Off across the stream

Today I will be at the Homespun Market in Launceston and then tonight I hop onto an plane and nip over to Melbourne where I will be doing the Threadden Market in North Melbourne tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I told you on the old blog ( which I will put in a link to. I promise, well sometime) how two of my little paintings sold in the exhibition, well it closed yesterday so it was payday and as an extra added bonus a third painting sold so I trippled my money. Oh yes I could grow to like this. Getting paid for something you really enjoy doing. Now that is money for jam.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Eggs on the move

The exhibition that I had work in closes today, the good news apart from the fact that 2 of my pieces sold is that the exhibition is going travelling and I have been asked if I will put in some more work to replace my large piece and the sold works. So I am sending my 3 egg pictures on the road. I am not sure how long they will be gone. Best take some more photos as this is the only decent one I have. Best get on with more paintings as well I suppose. I do enjoy doing them. Glueing on the tissue paper for texture, making the designs with the starch paste, layering on the milk paints and finally the beeswax finish. Bliss.