The Earth Reliant Artist

Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Monday, April 28, 2014

Playing with Elizabeth

I had the best time at Ballarat with Elizabeth Bunsen.
Me and Elizabeth

She was a warm and wonderful teacher

Full of ideas


and joy

I am so glad to have finally
in person

someone who brings joy to my
via the net

But today i started something new
a little weaving

with this awesome silk thread from
another great place

x te

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Morning Walk

As part of my new life here in North Queensland I am taking a walk into to town and back every morning. This takes about an hour, longer when you stop and take pictures. These were all taken this morning on my return journey. I would appreciate help with identifying species. (Warning: Lots of Photos)
Noisy beach goers

Strong Silent Types

Remains of an old Jetty

Fruit Trees

Very Tall palm Trees

Ground hugging spotty leaves

Ferns in trees

Night time partying

Tracks in the Path

Mud Skippers

More Fruit


evidence of colour

Leaf marks left in the path

More leaves


Most delicious smelling Eucalypt
Wafts of rich sweet honey

I don't want to meet the one who makes these marks

Mr Snappy jaws

Wonderful mural on the Public Toilets

My friend the crab
It is nice to meet relatives

A few more mates

Mother Nature makes her own prints

Wonderful images

Bird tracks, I suspect Cassowary

Big Pods

Palm tree fruit, but is it edible?
Or give colour?

Nearly home

A trio

of Grevilleas

II am slowly getting accustomed
to my new exotic environment
And now that I have a large glass jar
Thanks to last nights pasta sauce
I can do a bundle 
with some of the collected windfalls

x te 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Studio Cardwell North Queensland

I have a list

And an assortment of ingredients
in the spare room

and some in the wardrobe

But to see where the action will happen
we have to ascend the spiral stairs

Nearly there

The undercover area with water
and power

The outside area complete with astro turf!!

And the view
Looking out over the marina

And out to the ocean
this has to be inspiring

Back downstairs to the living area

Some inspiration from Elizabeth Bunsen

And the Name of the Units 
I am now residing in?

How cool is that

x te