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Thursday, May 31, 2012


View from my Front Door in Albany

Friday June 1st
Officially the 1st day of winter
Here in the Deep South of Western Australia
Though cunningly we started a day early.

View from my Back Door in Albany

But as it is friday
which means we once more pack the car
and go home.
Luckily this weekend will be a long one.
Three whole days
Looking forward to that one.
x te

Monday, May 28, 2012

Jane Davies

is one of my most favourite places to visit.

Always such a sense of fun and adventure.
Where trying to let go and see what happens is
a regular occurrence.
Lots of videos
and best of all
visits form chickens!!!!!!!!!

What more could you ask for?
Check it out
you will love it.
x te

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Studio Play

Home for the weekend
So fired up the hot wax
and began to play
This is a concertina book that has been on the go for a while now

It is corugated cardboard
covered in plaster bandage
Then plaster of paris was added

Several layers of paint
a layer of xanthorrhoea resin

And today i added encaustic medium
and rubbed in dry pigment
slowly it is getting to a place I like

This is a sample card of indigo powder
in encaustic medium
some have a little titanium white
and some a little yellow ochre

Indigo powder in cold wax medium over
a natural finishing joint compound
on fabric

and two little encaustic paintings
plaster on encasutiboard

indigo and titanium white

both as encaustic paint
and dry pigment
These are of course more samples
for the workshop at teh Natural Dye Symposium

But now it is time to start the prep work
for wood fired pizzas
x te

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where Have I been?

Oh dear, has it really been that long since my last post. A whole Month!!!!
I spent some time in Melbourne and went along to the Fred Williams Exhibition which was Fabulous.
Then I went to Qld to Dorothy Caldwell's workshop again Fabulous
above is my ink painting using a brush on a long stick
It has now been chopped up and is being made into a book
Which I will offer on etsy sometime.
But on day two of the workshop I got sick
Some very nasty virus came to stay
Because of this when I flew home my wonderful husband
drove for 5 hours to pick me up from the airport
we stayed the night at his brothers and then drove home again
the next day.
Boy did I feel loved.
Anyway it took me over a week to recover from that.
And I have also been prepping for my upcoming workshop
at Beautiful Silks Natural Dye Symposium
coming up in July.
Below is a little something I wrote for that.

I am currently in my kitchen making samples for my workshop at The Natural Dye Symposium.

These are my samples playing with cutch and soy milk and as you can see i have 4 different colours happening just from making small additions. Next I will do the same experiments with skim milk and with egg. Before moving onto the next natural dye. So there should be many colour ideas for you to look at. This of course will be for the second day of the workshop.

Day 1 will be all about what to put colour onto. I don’t just mean what type of paper, cloth or board, though these are considerations, but what to apply on top for natural texture and what choices do we have to attach to our surface. So we will look at glues and gessoes, threads and paper, starch pastes and plaster.

My workshop will be very much process not outcome based. I will be providing you with recipes, which of course should only be thought of as guidelines just as they are in cooking. Where you choose to take them is entirely up to you.

I look forward to journeying with you.

Hopefully I will have more exciting things to relate soon.
x te