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Monday, May 27, 2013

Study Tea

Dan is currently in his last week of his first semester of his Honours Year at Uni. Consequently a lot of tea is being drunk. I am making the most of this by playing with them all.

This is the bowl I use for dyeing 
with a few small rusty pieces in the bottom

and here are a few taking a bath
I vary the ingredients
sometimes I add a little
from my jars of metho and natural dye pigment

After their bath
thye lie around on water colour paper
to dry

Opened up and tea removed
a rainbow of tea bags

the bonus is the dyed
watercolour paper
which I am making into little books
I think I will also add some
tea bags to the inside

this little tea bag
has been rusted
and waxed

inspiration for something larger
I have a few of these frames
they are from bee hives
thrown away at the local tip
I plan an exhibtion of them
in my studio
for the
Coming up at the end of

x te

Learn To Fly Again

Learn to Fly Again

This one is also now available
in my Etsy Shop

x te

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Encaustic Paintings

Shore Dancers

Night Watchers

These two paintings are now up for sale in my
Etsy Shop
I only have them listed as for sale in Oz
as I am pretty sure the postage overseas
would be horrendous
But if anyone really wants one
please just drop me a line
and I will work out what it might be

x te

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eggy Blues

Indigo and soy milk on a Cotton TShirt

Printing on the back drop
So this will be in the next diary book

Egg print on cloth
dipped in the indigo dyebath

Egg Prints on paper, then indigo dipped

indigo mixed into soymilk and printed
destined for the indigo pot

teabags egg and indigo print

egg painted

Lightweight watercolour paper
prepainted in white milk paint
and charcoal
egg and burnt sienna printed
indigo dipped

as above only prepainted with brown milk paint

burnt sienna and egg print
indigo dipped
print patially scraped off

burnt sienna egg prints
over wax
indigo and soy paint

I am having a lot of fun
playing in the studio
these are a series of ideas
for little books I am planning
and samples for the workshops I teach

x te

Monday, May 13, 2013

Incidental Marks 5

Bokk 5
Back Cover

Front Cover


A lot of the marks in this book

Come from my atempts

to get Eucalyptus cinerea

to be a paint

and some marks are just doodles

or maybe just spillage

But they are all lovely
now available in my

These books have been sitting
for quite some time
waiting to be bound
which is why it appears that
production is up in my studio
this is in fact not really the case
I do keep getting distracted by other things
Doing the Indigo Workshop
Not very well as yet I might add
but that is what happens when you don't have the right ingredients
and only get to shop once a week
But I will get there.
Hopefully results soon
x te

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Incidental Marks 4

Book 4
Front Cover

Back Cover

Tape Bound Spine

Enigmatic Interior 

Strange Marks




Mysterious Scribblings

Points of Departure


This book is on a soft paper
with fibre inclusions

It is available in my

x te

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Incidental Marks 2 & 3

Book 2
Front cover waxed for extra strength and

Back cover
Naturally dyed silk used for the tape binding

The exposed spine

yumsh pages

mysterious marks

Look or draw in to here

Book 3
Front cover all tied up


Mystery map






blue or is it purple

more maps

red edge


definitely blue

I think this might be my favourite book so far.

Check them out
x te