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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Washing Day

Paint Rags Drying on the washing line
I boil them first with washing soda
Then I put them through a cycle in the machine
Dry them
Then sort them
Re use

or put them in the finished and ready to add to art pile
and still blogger is having  hissy fit.
x te

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bastille Day Outfit

 I don't know why but blogger has decided I am no longer allowed to write under the pictures so it will all be happening down here. The top picture shows my outfit I will be wearing to the Bastille Party on sunday. It is also my birthday so I am super excited that I finally get to combime the two. One of these years I plan to be in France on my birthday and enjoy everyone celebrating with me. Awesome. Anyway back to the outfit. I have made a wrap in the colours of the French Flag using 3 op shop tshirts. Under that is a bought tshirt with a picture of the Eiffel tower on it, on the back I wrote the french motto I then stencilled the fluer de lis in egg yolk anbd then I dipped it my indigo dyebath 3 times. I am most pleased with the result. I also indigo dyed the Long sleeved top undernearth. I have alos made myself a little skirt ala Alabama Chanin style, though I made the mistake of grading the largest size up so I now have 8 seams instead of 4. I made it in wool jersey instead of cotton and popped it in a natural dye bath. You may be able to see that at some point the moths have made a visit to the fabric but I just take that as an indication of where to add some embellishment.

The two pics underneath are of my new bedroom, fingers crossed i will be moving in tomorrow. Just need carpet to go down and the curtains and it good to move in. The top picture is from the outiside of the window and the bottom from the door.

x te  

Monday, July 8, 2013

Inside Preparations

It has been raining all day

So I am working inside on the table
preparing my outfit for a Bastille Day party
I will be attending
Once the t-shirt has dried
I will put it in the indigo
The skirt will go int he dyepot
And the samples
they are a bonus for the upcoming sample books I ma working on

x te

Sunday, July 7, 2013

More Incidental Marks 7

Cute flower



Exposed Front

This is a companion to Incidental Marks 6
They sat side by side on my table

Also in my Etsy Shop

x te

Latest Incidental Marks 6






all of them

in order



an insight


what has been happening

in my studio

for the last

3 months

my goodness

there are alot of them

even some drawing happened

but mostly not

The end

But wait theres more
no set of steak knives but a date
and a signature

very soon to be up
for sale in my Etsy Shop
More info over there
but less pics.

x te