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Friday, November 12, 2010

All Packed up

Here is my studio everything cleaned tidied and packed away. Now begins the process of fillinf it with the contents of our flat till finally we are left just with the stuff we are taking with us. And that of course takes much evaluation time. I have assembled everything that I would like to take and already had to thin as of course you just cannot take mountains of stuff on a plane. But I don't really want to buy a whole lot of stuff when I get there that I have here. But I will have to or I won't be doing any art making and well that would not be a good thing. With no TV I expect there to be a lot of making going on.
So currently on the lounge room floor is an assortment of wants which must be wrestled into essentials and packed in the suitcase and then I go stand on the scales, curse and go and try it all again.
Dan assures me I can take my blowtorch as long as it is empty, I am not so sure so as I compromise I will be packing it in his suitcase.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's over

A big thanks to all who came and visited me at the Tasmanian Craft Fair it was lovely to meet so many enthusiastic new people and some I knew already. I would love to hear what everyone is doing with their buttons and picures of the dye kit results would be fantastic.
I would love to put up pics of the stall but every single one of them is blurry!!!!!!! Really should work on that.

Recovery is now complete as I move into the next most important task on the list. Aint that the way of it?
I cna now focus on going home for the holidays. Yes lucky me will be in the west of Australia for 3 months. This means packing up the flat and squeezing it into the studio space, I also need to sort out what to take home with me. A most important task as I have to try and figure out what I am mnost likely to wish to do while at home!!!!
 Picture from the John Davis Exhibtion
 John Davis Grafittti?
Great Long Eared Rabbit