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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Running out of Year

at the beginning of the year
when all sorts of interesting possibilities
are on offer
It seems like a really good idea
to say yes

but then if you are anything like me
come the end of the year
when these things inevitably
fall due
you are galloping along
at an extraordinary rate
and yet don't seem to be getting
any closer to a satisfactory conclusion

This week we are moving out of the flat in Albany
It will be lovely to be back in my studio
with all my stuff in one place
the last 9 months have been
a constant frustration
of things being elsewhere

This week I was going to wrap up
my books for BAO
where I have signed up for not 1
oh no that would have been far too easy
but 2 books
that ideally need to be, well gone by now

Book no 2 is finished and no 1 nearly so
my big issue this week is typing up the collophones
which I meant to do on the weekend
but I ran out of time
and the printer
ah that is back home
so all will have to posted on monday
and we know what a crazy day that will be.

and meanwhile I have a lot of cleaning to do

above are some glimpses
of said books
after they have been received
 I will put up more pics
and there will be some
extras for sale

x te

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Market Day

and what a beautiful day it was
warm and sunny with a gentle breeze
and us right next to the french pastries!!!
You can just see the wood fired oven in the upper right

and here is the Pastry Chef Xavier and his wife Jeanette
this is later in the day they have sold out
and Jeanette has succumed to a silk shirt
that she had her eye on

a display of naturally dyed cloth

Me!!! in a magazine
Textile Fibre Forum to be exact
So exciting

New Items
Needle Cases and my favourite
Needle Rolls
I made one of these for myself
when I went to Bali
and found it was perfect for travelling

and many skeins of naturally dyed wool

a happy day out was had
much delicious food was indulged in
and I even came out at the end with a profit!!!!

x te

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sale Time

I am having a 20% off sale in my Etsy shop

There is currently 20% everything in the shop, Coupon Code Xmas20 but only till December 20th.

This is because on the 21st we are moving home.

and I am taking everything in the shop to the Denmark Markets on December 8th so if there is anything you like you best hurry coz the shop will be closed until Monday December 10th and who knows what will be left.

Of course if you can make it to the markets there will be loads of other stuff for sale that you might like, including a goodly selection of my encaustic paintings.

x te