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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Paintings

I really wanted to show you the paintings I have been working on, so today I took some photos and yes I have deleted the really bad ones!!!!!!!!!!!

These 4 are actually well I would say collages but they are not really as they are not glued but stitched.

The next 5 are all from a series called 'Beneath'
These are all on paper and all have the same format but slightly differnt parts and finishes. All include earth pigments, milk paints and cold wax medium.
Looks like blogger doesnt like my last 3 pics so i will try to do them in the next post.


treasuresfrommynest said...

Hi Trace,
really like what you're doing - very painterly and tactile......hope to catch up with you at some stage soon

ArtPropelled said...

These are lovely, especially the first two.Absolutely love them!