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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Late Draw

Oh no here it is Tuesday and I did promise I would do the giveaway draw yesterday. This is perhaps not a surprise to those of you who know me. I went to Hobart on Sunday to be a part of the Eastside Market and well the day was very much against us. So Monday really was a recovery and sorting day though I will have to negotiate it all back into my bag plus extras in just over a week for my big trip to Melbourne.

But what you really want to know is who gets the piece of Art!!!!

The winner is tadadadada, Penny who never wins anything.

So if you will scoot me an snail mail address I will send the art to you.


treasuresfrommynest said...

Hey Trace,
you were very generous with your gifting, hope Penny enjoys it............need to come and visit and have a play day with you perhaps to get acquainted with the non toxic"process"....send me an email re your availability did the market go?

Jasmine said...

Congratulations to Penny :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations Penny...see you did win something and i am sure you will love it!!

Penny said...

Oh is that me? I will undersatand if it is not. but incase it is, here is the address.
Penny Crompton
PO Box 321,
Victor Harbor South Australia 5211.
This is very special and bucks me up no end as I have just lost my mother, well not lost, she died, but at the grand age of 97, only a few weeks off 98, had a wonderful life and dont feel sorry, it was a huge relief, both for her and us.
Hope that doesnt sound too callous.