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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 The cyclone that I wrote about several days ago was not the monster currently savaging Queensland!!!! I am in the very south of the west coast of Australia about as far away as you can get from far North Queensland and still be in Oz. Our baby cyclone turned and crossed the coast way north of us we just got a bit of rain and some wind but no more than is usual down here. Above is a picture of our favourite beach a tiny little one which is only accessible by 4 wheel drive and then you have to walk down the rock face to get to it. But very worth it.

And this is saw wandering around on the rocks. I see a giant foot print but my partner says if you turn it on its side it is a almost perfect map of Australia and it even includes Tasmania which doesnt always happen.

But now onto business. My holiday is very nearly over, we leave our lovely home on saturday and make our way up to Perth we will visit the children and then Monday we jump on a plane and fly back to Tasmania. And on Saturday the 12th of Feb we will drive down to Hobart for the Barnmarket which should be a lot of fun. Then I am currently looking at flying up to Melbourne in March where I will hopefully get a place in the Heathen Bazaar at Beautiful Silks but that is yet to be confirmed. But you should so totally go anyway. There first market is Saturday Feb 12. It will be so great to have a textile focused market in Melbourne.


Sustainable Eats said...

So glad it missed you - the scenery is just as gorgeous as your beautiful wares!
xo, Sustainable Eats

dorie said...

phew, that's a relief. Just a pitty that you have to leave this gorgeous place. But I guess business is calling...