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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Melbourne Tonight

Grafitti seen after the John Davis Exhibition

Tonight I will be at Beautiful Silks where hopefully I will be doing a demo on working with Natural Paints, then tomorrow I will be trading there and again for the 'Heathen Bazaar' being held on Saturday. Would love to see lots of visitors.
Also on Friday afternoon I will popping into Incube8r to stock my new shelf with a whole range of new books.
And I now have a flickr account where I will be uploading photos. First album set is a series of paintings featuring Eucalyptus/Xanthorrhoea Resin.


Lee-Anne said...

Good luck with your trip to Melbourne! :)

india flint said...

well i woulda swung by if i hadn't been tweaking a frock or two at rehearsal
enjoy the markets..