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Friday, April 22, 2011

All gone Kaput

Back up back up back up.
Don't forget to regularly back up your hard drive.
I did not follow this simple rule and now that some pain in the ass sent me some malware which while thankfully this has been removed at the moment it has also removed every single document I had saved on my entire hard drive. All my photos, all my word documents, all my spreadsheets, my business plan. Everything!!!!!!!! My Favourites OMG how will I find all my links again.
Fortunately I dont lose this or my email.
Small mercies. So I won't be doing a post on my trip to Melbourne or showing any photos, instead I will be wallowing in misery, or I may suck it up and move on. I do have some of my files backed up from about 6 months ago though so its a start.
Wish me luck

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