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Monday, November 7, 2011

Love this Post

Great post over here at ZenDotStudio today.  I think I will be looking for a copy of this book when I get home!!! As there is now no more book buying for the moment. I say this while contemplating the exessive pile of them that I somehow have to finangle into the back of the car for the trip home. Yes dear I have culled it down to the absolute minimum. They won't take up any more space than you big screen TV!!!!! I like my priorities better than his. The funniest thing, when we get home we don't have any TV reception??? So what is that about? Busy at the moment preparing for our sale on saturday where hopefully we will offload some of our stuff in excahnge for money, essential stuff esp when ttravelling. So anyone local would love to see you down at the studio, there will be art studio stuff for sale as well.


ronnie said...

well I love this little book structure!

Velma Bolyard said...

me, too!

Martine said...

Oh how i would love this little book too but i live all the way in the Netherlands.