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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the studio

all natural mixed media 10 x 10cm

all natural mixed media 10 x 10cm

These are two of my latest pieces and they will be off to the market with me on sunday. They are all framed up and under glass so I won't be putting them in my etsy shop but I might be able to some unframed pieces in real soon.

A large wrap vest in process, all the stitching is done first

a close up

In the pot

Finally I am strating to settle down and get some work done in the studio. And about time too!!! Has been very unsettling being home and in a studio that has been only for holidays for the last 3 years. As a consequence I have been acting like I have been on holiday instead of getting work done. And my calendar for the year is looking far too full for that kind of carry on.
I will be participating in A Letter A Week over here
and in a moment of complete insanity I said I would do an edition for Book Art Object over here
Never mind I am supposed to be writing a series of articles for this magazine first one due out in the february issue probably about the same time my deadline is for the next one!!!!
Then I will also be popping east on 3 seperate occasions, to the Blue Mountains in April and to the Dorothy Caldwell workshop in QLD early May. (My husband is not best pleased that I will be away for a month)
In July I will teaching a two day workshop at Beatiful Silks Natural Dye Symposium and doing a side trip to Hobart to teach as well and possibly a day in Launcseton as well.
Then I will doing a little something in SA in October.
Never mind actually trying to get some of my own work done.
I fee exhausted just looking at it.
Maybe I will go have a nice sit on the deck a cold drink and a good book.
Dog it's good to be on holdays

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A mermaid in the attic said...

Love those first two pieces, Trace. And I just last week bought India's new book, and found you featured in the middle, bravo! Sounds like you're going to be very you ever have time to run workshops in your own neck of the woods (I'm thinking I might just be able to get to one of those...children and busy hubby notwithstanding!)?