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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 Important Blog Posts

I would like to bring your attention to these 2 blog posts which I feel are very important.
Firstly over here at Frogpondsrock talking about the crap in skin care products that is polluting the marine environment. I am so glad I do not use any commercial of commercially produced products.

And secondly at O Eco Textiles where they are talking about the lies and manipulation coming out of chemical manufacturers to sell you products that are making you seriously sick.

Thats why I think natural and as close to the original product as possible is best.

And I will say I most certainly don't trust trees made into toilet paper, Normal pesticide ridden cotton made into tampons, or bamboo made into soft fabric. Come on who are they trying to kid they have to use serious doses of chemicals to make these things. EEEwwwww.

x te


india flint said...

ew indeed.

Anonymous said...

What is bleak is the fact that most people aren't aware, or just don't care!, about all of this!!
They have blinders on, and trust whatever hype the manufacturers tell then.
We have to just keep on getting our side of the message out there in the hopes that more people turn an ear, start thinking, and stop consuming these products.