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Friday, February 1, 2013

Residency of Wax

Small works

Oh dear it has been a while
Someone has stolen all of January
But things happen

Seed (sold)

Currently I am in residence
at the Vancouver Arts Centre
with Julia and Trish
To promote encaustic in the region

Seed (sold)

We have been here for 2 weeks
and have one more to go

Tree of Life (sold)

Lots of work is being generated
and as we have an exhibtion
happening as well
it is a lot of fun being able to add
works as they are completed

Thought you might like to see a work in progress

this is a large piece
300 x 600 mm

carving symbols

adding silk string

Kundilini Rising
the end result

Trish, Julia, Trace

And here we are at the opening
standing in front of some of Julia's work
drinking bubbles

ah and the view
this is from my studio space
love it

i will put up some more pics
of my works real soon

x te


Vicki said...

Trace looks like you are having a great time.
Can you tell me if the Julia in the photograph is Julia Sutton...if so, please say hi to her from Vicki in Iceland.

Jennifer said...

Cheers! Looks like you're having a wonderful time. And your view from the studio...bit dangerous that. I'd be spending my time staring at the water, I'm afraid.

Trace Willans said...

Thanks Jennifer, fortunately I can enjoy the view while eating and I work with my back to it which helps a little.
Vicki, It is indeed Julia Sutton and I have conveyed your hello's to her.

Velma Bolyard said...

oh, how wonderful and you all look absolutely beautiful. and the more, please!

Jo Murray said...

Looks like a wonderful place Trace. The work you are doing is fabulous. Bet, you are happy to sell some too....congratulations.

Judy Wise said...

Wonderful seeing the progression of your painting. Every stage is gorgeous. And those dresses ... it looks like such a wonderful time. The work is just pulsing with joy.

india flint said...

and what splendid uniforms you are wearing, pets.

susan bowers said...

Hello Trace. Am drooling over this post - in particular Kundilini Rising. Just glorious. (Thank you too for the tip about natural indigo blue too.)

Trace Willans said...

Thank you all who noticed our frocks. It made it very easy to identify the artists at the opening. Thank you Susan and you are welcome, email me if you want any more details. x te

Trace Willans said...
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A mermaid in the attic said...

Wonderful, you've been very busy (I don't have any good excuses for a 'no post January')! I love the 'seeds', and that view is pretty amazing, though I'm with Jennifer, I'd probably end up just staring at it all day and not doing any work at all if that was my view!

Fiona Dempster said...

What a fabulous time - I loved the opening outfits and the bubbles...hope it continues to go well. F