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Friday, October 4, 2013


This is why I have my own chickens. At least the boys get a happy life for a few months before the quickly get dispatched for the table. And the hens well as long as you have a breed bred for egg laying through their whole life and not just for the 1 season , they can stay until they die of old age.

A link to the horror of the whole article,

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ronnie said...

I agree completely that if you eat eggs/chicken/beef/lamb/fish (etc) you should know where your animal comes from and that it has had lived (and died) in the most humane manner possible..... (I'm a vegetarian but I live on a beef property....)

I AM however highly suspicious these days of anything that comes from 'animals australia' group after a watching a damning report on ABC landline last weekend..... which showed that these guys are fanatical and not above manufacturing abuse cases or manipulating facts.... as such I'm alerting folk about advocating traffic to their website etc....

the very best thing we can all do is to 'know your farmer/know your food' (and if you ARE the family welllll that's the bees knees eh)