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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Doing Things

I have been busy lately
Perhaps not busy enough 
to have neglected the blog
as woefully as I have
But it seems once you slack off 
it is really quite difficult to regain 
your momentum
I did make a dress though
as a commission
This is in a silk knit
completely hand stitched
and dyed


I made it for a lovely local woman
to wear as a bridesmaid at
a Viking wedding

and here is the lovely Laura
looking fabulous
Love those horns

And now I am preparing 
to whizz off to Melbourne
and then to the Grampians
where I will be teaching
for details 
go here

Maybe you want to be a last minute
or might be intrigued enough
to invite me your way

Now back to trying to make 
my mountain of stuff 
fit in the pitiful luggage allowance
Mind you anymore and it would 
very difficult to haul around
I might be taking a leaf from
(there;s a blog post about this in there 
somewhere but darned if I could find it)
and only take a few clothes 
so I can fit in many workshop bits
we shall see
If only I had a bag
Like Mary Poppins

x te
PS India has very kindly added her packing list to the comments.


india flint said...

three dresses
two aprons
long sleeved T
wool wrap
pair of long pants
tiny teapot
pocket knife

job done.

Velma Bolyard said...

trace, you and india rock. i'm here doing same with suitcases that may or may not be ok…but there's no way i could make do with dresses. sigh. but my paper came and that's something, so in it goes.

Trace Willans said...

Thank you India Most helpful, my list is a bit longer than that.

And Velma, I will be packing my suitcase and jumping on the scales several times till I get it about right. Oh and we do sell paper in OZ. x te

Late Harvest said...

Hi Trace,

The dress looks absolutely gorgeous on Laura, congrats n well done :)


Leanne said...

Laura looks awesome in your beautiful dress Trace :)

Velma Bolyard said...

trace, NOT iowa paper!!! you'll see!

Gina said...

good luck with workshops ! ... love to hear/read your trials,tribulations and successes ...

softearthart said...

Lovely dress, cheers Marie