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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Morning Walk

As part of my new life here in North Queensland I am taking a walk into to town and back every morning. This takes about an hour, longer when you stop and take pictures. These were all taken this morning on my return journey. I would appreciate help with identifying species. (Warning: Lots of Photos)
Noisy beach goers

Strong Silent Types

Remains of an old Jetty

Fruit Trees

Very Tall palm Trees

Ground hugging spotty leaves

Ferns in trees

Night time partying

Tracks in the Path

Mud Skippers

More Fruit


evidence of colour

Leaf marks left in the path

More leaves


Most delicious smelling Eucalypt
Wafts of rich sweet honey

I don't want to meet the one who makes these marks

Mr Snappy jaws

Wonderful mural on the Public Toilets

My friend the crab
It is nice to meet relatives

A few more mates

Mother Nature makes her own prints

Wonderful images

Bird tracks, I suspect Cassowary

Big Pods

Palm tree fruit, but is it edible?
Or give colour?

Nearly home

A trio

of Grevilleas

II am slowly getting accustomed
to my new exotic environment
And now that I have a large glass jar
Thanks to last nights pasta sauce
I can do a bundle 
with some of the collected windfalls

x te 


Jennifer said...

What a lovely stroll you must have had. Your photos make me yearn to join you one morning. However, the crocodile warning sign has me rethinking that a bit. Enjoy!

Jo Murray said...

Obviously good for the health...and the soul.

india flint said...

there's nothing quite like the repetition of a "same" daily walk for adding layers of seeing

even though it might seem the same path
it's like that saying about rivers

"you can never step into the same river twice"

Nanette said...

so much to see on your walk. The noisy birds are plovers, they're meant to herald rain or a storm if they suddenly start calling. They're silly birds, they build their nests on the ground and make all that noise and fly around to divert likely predators from the nest. We have a pair nesting in the middle of the dog park!! They can also dive bomb you to keep you away, especially in spring when they have hatchlings.

The palm fruit aren't edible, not a nice taste, but I haven't tried for dyeing, they're usually dried out by the time they're on the ground.

Fiona Dempster said...

Sorry I can't help much with identification trace, but i did enjoy the walk home with you!

eb said...

what a lovely balmy and interesting walk

Velma Bolyard said...

a wonderful walk.

Trace Willans said...

Still enjoying my morning walk, and yes everyday I see something different, but thankfully no crocodiles, I stay on the path. x te