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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bumbling Along

Small art works 
Hot and cold wax
10 x 10 cm
These are for sale 

This is what the oil painted piece from the last 
post looks like now that it has had a few 
layers of cold wax applied 
Still more to do

This is a piece that all cold wax
both of these are 
50 x 50 cm
More work here as well

and these are the two 
oil on paper
from the previous post 
now also sporting
some cold wax

Cold wax is so much easier for me to play with
up here in the north
The only issue is that 
it takes a t least 24 hours
 between coats
sometimes 48
But that does leave me time
to do other things
Like read books
ahh Bliss

x te

1 comment:

Jo Murray said...

Lovely work.....but you can never have too much reading time.