The Earth Reliant Artist

Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Vision Boards

There is not a whole lot happening in the studio
at the moment
I am lonely and bored
and thoroughly out of sorts with myself
But 1 thing I have started doing
which I am finding therapeutic
is vision boards

I just do one a month 
on the full moon
Nothing to serious

I have a large envelope in which I collect
words and images that appeal to me
and then I just collage together those that 
speak to me on the day

None of them have a specific agenda 
for the following month
Just things I would like to come into my life

Today is a new moon and 
Chinese new Year
so it seemed the right time to share
I am looking forward to seeing
what the next full moon brings

x te


india flint said...

seems like a good thing to be doing...might even be tempted to try that myself :-)

Trace Willans said...

You should India, I really like the ritual of it being on the Full Moon.All mine are about the same size so at the end of the year I will bind them into a book

Penny said...

Sounds like an interesting idea, but somehow I am not sure I would follow through.