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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mixed media Dye Samples

I will be popping down to Brisbane next month to teach a workshop for Wendy Bailye 
So I thought people might be interested in some of the effects we will be getting during the workshop
These samples are all on paper but will work equally as well on fabric

adding inked tea bags after dyeing

Xanthorhoea resin and gilding

a dyed tea bag

mark making

Transfers before dying

writing in ink

writing in pencil

printing before dyeing

adding a bit of weaving


print and stitch



fabric and stitch on paper

ink and stitch 

ink and wispy marks


these last are from a small concertina book

fabric stitched on and marks made

ink + marks + stitch

more fabric

I am really looking forward to spending
a few days immersed in making
mixed media treasures

x te


Debbie said...

Looks fabulous, your students are very lucky.

Jo Murray said...

WONDERFUL textures and marks.

Trace Willans said...

Debbie I love that you live by the sea, this is my dearest wish to live within walking distance of a sea that i can interact with, and the exhibition company you are keeping, swooning.

Thanks Jo, always hoping to encourage people to experiment