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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Playing with Paint Rags

I have been playing with my paint rags
Here they have been washed and dried

a layer of traditional gesso is added
then left to dry

spending time in the tiny indigo vat
this is outside on the decking railing

and then into the Xanthorrhoea Resin bath

a finished sample
though this one went into the indigo first 
and then the Xanth

Some of these have been folded
into concertina books
and are for sale on in my Etsy Shop
Book 1 SOLD

Book 2 SOLD

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5 SOLD

Now I am exploring what happens 
when I put the pieces in wet
rather than dry

and I am working on a series of books 
with small samples in
to sell

Also getting ready and excited about 
my upcoming workshop
for Wendy Bailye
down Brisbane way
see in the side bar
if you are interested

x te

1 comment:

Kate Moore said...

These are really interesting experiments. I've scored a couple of really large jars to try solar dying and picked up a silk shirt at the op shop to play with. No expectations just the magic of experimentation.