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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Using up Dye

I had some dye left over from a previous project
soaking in Meths (alcohol)
that I wanted to use up
before we leave
How the fabrics looked in the beginning
The white is cotton and the beige a linen
Both are a knitted fabric

Fresh out of the jars
cochineal, annato, lac and madder
So I put in the cloth and filled the jars up 
with hot tap water
and then left the out in the sun
for a couple of weeks

They are much paler after washing
possibly they would have been brighter if
I had left them longer

My plan is to use them on this skirt

much as I am using the indigo dyed fabric
on this skirt
the fabric is wearing thin so holes develop 
every time it is washed
The holes dictate 
where I patch this week
The original fabric is a knitted hemp

These will be part of my 
in the studio clothes
I already love the weight of my indigo skirt
it is a double layer 
and then the patches all that stitch
gives it a lovely weight
x te

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