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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Stitching Books For Sale

Our Place is up for sale

The decision has been made that 
as it is likely if another job comes up for Dan 
we will be off again
and we can't leave the place to rot
which it does
it would be better to sell

as part of the process
I am sorting my books
and thought some of you might be interested
though for reasons of postage
this is for Aussies only
 the following are all $10 ea plus postage




I will wrap them up tight 
and send them in prepaid satchels
fast or slow your choice
so buying more than 1 books will reduce your costs
but you can't go over 5kg

any unsold books will be 
donated to my local library

now I must go and sort the papermaking books

x te

1 comment:

Martien van Zuilen said...

Hi Trace - big news about selling!
Can you please put aside the Dorothy Tucker book for me? I see you are planning to list other books soon as well, and I might be tempted - which would save on postage. Thanks so much, Martien