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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Food Love

As you can see still procrastinating. But I left a comment over here at katiecrackernuts about a food post: 

did the chicken with preserved lemon and green olives from the latest Australain good food mag for my husband last night (I am vegetarian) and said it was delicious and I was more than happy with my beetroot and chickpea fritters.

 and well she emailed me

OOooh yum. The sound of the beet and chickpea fritters sounds fantastic. Can you share the recipe? I feel a recipe swap should be happening at the blog ... it's certainly going that way.

and what else could I say but:

I most certainly can share.

It started over here

and if you scroll down you will see this link

Which is what I mostly followed.

Except, well, I grated 2 medium cooked beetroots no idea how much they weighed and mixed with 1 can of drained chickpeas which I whizzed in the blender just a bit. I added two chopped up spring/green onions a bit of parsley and mint from my pot plant garden no dill but I did put in the cummin. Yes to the egg but no to the tahini coz I dont have any at the moment. Oh and I used a quarter of preserved lemon skin instead of the fresh zest as I had used it in Dan's chicken dish. I served this with roasted vegies (potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin) tossed with a few capers and a couple of spoons of the sundried tomato pesto leftover from the pasta the night before. And a sauce of yoghurt, olive oil, garlic and salt. And some dressed greens.

I could use this as a blog post if it werent so confusing. Maybe I could clean it up a bit?

Which was of course followed by this:
Oh do. Use it on the blog, that is. Can't wait to have a go. I cooked a Sydney Markets recipe for spinach and ricotta dumplings in a walnut, sage and butter sauce yesterday. Delish. The kids even remarked on them. I changed the recipe to be oregano and pine nuts, 'cause it was what I had fresh and in the cupboard, but worked a treat. Little bit fiddly. Worth starting ahead but oh so good. The dumplings seem sloppy, but they work. You can find the recipe at and under the winter recipes section. I must go and have a better squizz at the recipes. Lots of goodies there.

Your dish sounds delish. I'm going to go take a look at those links.

Course I had to reply that I forgot to mention said fritter mix was a tad sloppy so i added some chickpea flour to firm it up a bit. And well there you have it. Shame I didnt take any pictures coz the sight of lurid purple fritters on a big white plate is quite a sight but they are all gone and I even Dan happily stayed home for lunch so he could have the leftovers.

Belive it or not this post has been edited for clarity????????????/

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debby emadian said...

Hi Tracy. That's weird, I was just looking at Katie's blog and read your comment...Those chickpea beetroot things sound yummy, two of my favourite ingredients.....So I thought I'd pop over here and make a comment and ask you how to make them. So I was really pleased to see that you've posted the recipe. Thanks for sharing.....I'll let you know how I get on with them........