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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I had a communication this morning from Dorie who bought some of my buttons through Etsy. Well I put it up here for all the world to see.

Hi Trace,

Your buttons are very beautifull - I have used one at a kind of a felted bracelet, it was as the two are made for eachoter. Unfortunately the button was very soon a bit of damaged at the edge. I'll show you at the photo. You told me that the button will survive the wahingmachine, but this one was like this just after wearing half hour.

It is just that I want you to know it, not that I'am unpleased or unsatisfied. Maybe I have to look for another use, cause they are worth to be show! Hope you don't mind that I'am being this honest with you.

I'll show them on my blog soon (not the damaged edge ofcourse),

keep warm, xDorie

My reply
I need you to be honest so I know how the buttons manage out there in the real world.

I have put the button through the washing machine though I would recomend hand washing but they are made of ceramic and will chip just like a ceramic pot or cup will. So yes some thought must be put into placement it needs to be somewhere where it is unlikely to be knocked. And it is beautiful. I will show the damage on my blog as I like to honest about these things and I really don't want other people to have chipped buttons.

At least it is still useable and can be turned upside down so the damage is at the bottom. If you rub it with a little sand paper it will smooth it over.

Thanks Trace,

I will wear it with a lot of care (not when I'am working in the garden..) and in fact it happened at the bottom - I will rub it with a bit of sandpaper and maybe rub in some natural dust-cochenille of my natural coloured wool. The same colour as the bracelet is made from.

Btw your big buttons are great!


Anonymous said...

Cannot think of any other reply than; good post.

dorie said...

I'll wear it with a lot of love and care...Xd

Sophie Munns said...

Fantastic dialogue... very cool!