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Friday, December 31, 2010

A New One's Just Begun

The Aquarium, Next to Boat Harbour, Near Denmark WA. This is where I was December 30th while Dan dived for abalone which we ate for dinner in the traditional way that night and my way last night. My way, in ravioli with a butter and sundried tomato sauce, was way better.
So here we go again. I always find the New Year exciting, a whole year ahead full of possibilities, the end of the year looking back always seems to be littered with good intentions and semi-finished or unstarted stuff. So it is good to start again all fresh. What would I like for this year, mmmmm, the same as usual, more art, more travel, more good't ask for more than that.
Hope you all have a good one too. Oh and don't make it too hard on yourselves with resolutions, after all you've got a whole year. Oh and the next one if you need it. It's all good.

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