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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Excitement in the Studio

My first plaster piece.
Plaster on wood, soy paint, oil stick, paper, ink, encaustic

Yesterday a wonderful woman called Katherine (now theres a name fraught with the dangers of misspelling these days) came into the studio and picked out 6 pieces of my work.

Gesso on craftwood, leaf skeleton, paper, gum resin, encaustic
And bought one immediately.

gesso on paper mache, gum resin, oil stick, paper

and put the others aside to pick up today.

gesso on paper mache, gum resin, oil stick, paper

which was just as well really otherwise I would have no photos at all.
as I don't have a photo of the piece she needed to take with her then and there.
It was a very simple piece, gesso on a found piece of craftwood with three scratched lines down the centre, on the left upper area there was the Ogham symbol for Phogos which is the beech tree and is about looking back to the past, in the middle of the right side was a small picture of a Goddess statue and down the bottom right corner text that said remember. All finished with a lovely coating of beeswax.

gesso on paper mache, gum resin, oil stick, paper

All in all a very satisfying day.


india flint said...


Velma Bolyard said...

excellent. days like that are really affirming.

Jo Murray said...

Well done. This is such an interesting technique.