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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Saturday night Dan and I went to the Gorge Restaurant in Launceston for my birthday dinner and we were so glad we did. And it's a bit of an adventure as well.
It began by winding our way through the dark streets to the carpark out the back and then the long descent down many flights of stairs to the restaurant itself. Right then I decided maybe just 1 glass of wine with dinner!!!
Inside the wood fire was blazing in a very cosy room and we were lucky enough to get a table where a heater was blowing warm air under our table, it was on a cycle so every now and then there was a sudden blast of warm air that was very welcome.
I was pleased to see that they offered a seperate vegetarian menu, though upon reading it I was not inspired to order from it. The main menu read so deliciously that the vegetarian alternative seemed a bit uninspiring.
So on to the food.
To begin we ordered the Creamy Seafood Chowder which was divine, absolutely chock full of flavour though it would have been nice if it had come with a piece of bread, and the Calamari and salad which again was beautifully cooked. We both ate half and then swapped.
Mains I had the Sea Run Trout and Dan the Seafood Steak, both beautifully cooked. Best of all we still had a timy bit of room for dessert.
A flourless banana pudding with Toffee Sauce (and icecream if you ask nicely) but I had the dou of Creme Brulee and it was awesome, two little cups of yumsh, one with the usual and one with an extraordinary coconut creme brulee. So so good.
We were most impressed that every course was good and we were more than happy to pay the bill. Which I find most unusual these days.
Dan thinks we should return for his birthday dinner just to be sure.
x te


Rowena said...

Happy Happy Birfday Trace. Hugs from Row xxxxx

india flint said...

happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to YOOOOOOOOOO xx

Jo Murray said...

You've made me feel quite hungry.... but it's only scrambled eggs for me.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! That place is great - I went there for my birthday once, many years ago, and remember it as one of the best meals I've ever had!