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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Giveaway Resumes

gesso, milk paint, earth pigment and natural resin on cloth

I thought it might be nice to show what i have so far collected for the giveaway bundle

stitch, starch paste, ink, egg, wax on cloth

natural dye on blanket

natural dye and stitch

scrap of stitch

Tea Bags!!!

gesso, natural resin and wax on paper

and of coourse some buttons.

a nice little collection

I will leave this open till the afternoon of
Monday March 12
my time
Those of you who left a comment on the last post
will automatically be put in the draw.
I would like to thank everyone for the
lovely comments and emails I received
in recent times.

x te


aka: eye-poppers said...

wonderful assortment. What is natural resin? damar? Makes you want to pick all of it.up and touch and smell.

Fiona Dempster said...

Lovely to see the healing in the making Trace - go gently, and yes, keep crying. F

Martine said...

your little collections looks intriguing Trace...........

lynda Howells said...

Crying helps to heal you, l promisex Your giveaway collection is beautiful, exquisite and inspiring...thank you for thinking about others when you are hurting.x Good luck to all that enterxxlynda

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

the color is the component that really strikes the tone for the works.

Jo Murray said...

Oh, oh, oh...such beautiful little gems. All the love you are feeling for your mum is coming out in these.

A mermaid in the attic said...

These are beautiful, Trace, those tea-bags are stunning. There is much healing in making, somehow we can pour our tears into something we make with our hands, and it comes out beautiful. Take care.
xxx Christina

Julie Sizer said...

The work we do with our hands can heal our heart ........Trace your work is beautiful and full of emotion -keep doing what you are doing .Its so important to yourself and to those who you get to share it with.
My kindest regards,

Claire said...

gorgeous, just gorgeous... crying out to be touched, felt, smelt... just lovely :)

Velma Bolyard said...

crying is necessary work. these little ones are wonderful. just lovely.

Margaret Johnson said...

Trace, have just discovered your beautiful blog. I love your style. Heart felt condolences to you from me. I lost my beautiful brother on the 17th March this year, we were very close. Crying is good, also talking. I do know they're Spirits will be with us always, but also know how strong the pain will be, for some time. Your beautiful work is so inspiring. Marg, ox

Unknown said...

Loving all of your work. The use of eggs intrigues me. I'm only just getting into the natural leaf dying thing and loving it, so am soaking up as many ideas as I possibly can. I am curious to see pictures of the actual steps you employ to create your tea bags... but I will understand if that's a trade secret ;))

Trace Willans said...

No it is not a secret I suppose I assumed it was self explanatory.

The basic process is as follows.

I lay down a large coffee tin lid and place a eucalyptus leaf on it and brush the upper surface with egg yolk that has a little water beaten in I then lay an opened de-teaed dry tea bag on top I then repeat till I have about 10 tea bags and leaves sandwiched together finish with a leaf and then another coffe lid which I hold together with clamps. I then place it in my iron pot and cookj for about an hour.

Anonymous said...

it's indeed a wonderful collection and very interesting how you made them. I need to search for such big teabags. Thanks for sharing the proces.

Margaret Johnson said...

Can hardly beleive I got the months mixed up, above. Ofcourse I meant 17th Feb. I'm still not thinking straight. ox

Betty Eilat said...

There's a wonderful sharing here, thank you. Beautiful work and inspiration!