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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Slowly getting back into it

I have been quietly pottering about at home thinking, processing
and yes crying
It does sound a bit strange to say that dyeing
 has been a part of my recovery process
and today i put some of my tea bags on Etsy
As I have a large pile of them
I believe there will be more.
Well it's a start
x te


Penny said...

I dont think you ever get over losing your mother, mine died 14 months ago aged almost 98 and I still talk to her, wish I could tell her things I know she would have been interested in. I think dying is a very apt part of the grieving process.

Martine said...

tears will slowly wash away the pain so keep on crying as long as you need..........

Anonymous said...

i agree with both these comments Trace...i still have a chat to my dad(mum is still ok) he went away 22 years ago and I just know he would have just loved meeting his grandchildren and seeing what his kids have done with there lives...miss him still but now it is with a smile not tears.
be good to yourself ,have a long walk on the beach for me :)

Jo Murray said...

Take your time to reflect, enjoy your memories, weep,,,and love. It all is there in your work.