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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catching Up

Student samples (Melb)

I have been home for a little over a week now
so thought it was time I got around to

student samples (Melb)

I taught workshops in both Melbourne for
and In Kingston south of Hobart in Tasmania

student samples (Melb)

I believe my students enjoyed themselves
They certainly were heard to comment
that they had never made so many samples

student samples (Melb)

student samples (Tassie)

everybody enjoyed playing with the
Xanthorrhoea resin which I take (unmixed)
to all my workshops
It gives such great colour 

Student samples (Tassie)

1 student who loved it
but thought she would be
unable to obtain it for herslf
wondered whether shellac and
puffball ink might be
an adequate

Student samples (Tassie)

So we tried adding sumi e ink to the
xanthorrhoea resin
as an experiment
we got some fabulous results

Seafood Bisque

And then not long after returning home
I had a significant birthday
one with a zero on the end

Tasting Plate

and a 5 at the front
Yes 50


So I was taken out to lunch
at Pepper & Salt Restaurant
located at Matilda's Winery
in Denmark

By this lovely man.
Thanks Dan
x te


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Trace!
50 is a big one..... and it's hard to believe that you are that 'old', you look and act much much younger!
Hugs from Arizona

Trace Willans said...

why thank you, I don't feel old. I must say I am not particularly bothered by turning 50 I plan it to be the best decade yet.
x te

roz said...

happy birthday!
and from one a little further along the 50 trail , i can vouch for this place on the road as being GOOD FUN !

Jillipop said...

Woo Hoo the big 50 I remember that...glad to see Dan is still looking after you !!!
It is great to see all your student samples ..Makes me want to play with some bits I acquired when a certain lovely lady left the shed. :)
Keep creating...

Velma Bolyard said...

you are a baby!
happy birthday, trace.
so glad you celebrated!

lynda howells said...

Turning 50 was great for me and l am turning 60 in November and l am still happy! love the samples.x lynda

Lynda Howells said...

oh forgot to ask...l wonder what other sort of resin l could use with sumi ink? Any suggestions as l am reckon l will be unable to get the resin u used here in UK!xLyndax

Jo Murray said...

Many happy returns Trace... looks like you celebrated in style.

Trace Willans said...

It is nice to know there are others on the road ahead to show me the way to my fabulous fifties. I am paying attention to all of you to see how it is done.
Lynda trying working with shellac.
x te

india flint said...

happy Schwiftieth!