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Monday, October 29, 2012

Water and Birds

New girls
We actually picked them up about 4 weeks ago
when we were in Perth on our return
from Bali
Since then no 6 went missing
and now no 5 was looking
very subdued when we left on sunday
so we put her in isolation
and are hoping for the best

Old Duck pond
We had a few holes dug in the last couple of weeks
as last year when we were watering the vegie garden
with the tank water it got rather low
which was most troubling

New Duck Pond!!!!!

Big isn't it?
We have 3 this size now
so are feeling abundant indeed

Gorgeous George decided to spend the
weekend up at the shed with us
rather than down in the yard
with the others
She kept wandering into my studio
very quietly and then standing behind me
I would turn around
and get such a fright
She thought it most amusing
I did not

First trip of the season to the beach
I went in to my knees
Dan was braver than I
and went all the way in
But not for very long

A weekend is never long enough
for being home

x te

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